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TUAW TV Live: Talking OS X Mavericks

Today on TUAW TV Live we'll be talking about the newest version of the Mac's operating system -- OS X Mavericks. It's getting closer to release, with Apple asking developers to submit their apps with new Mavericks-enhanced capabilities for inclusion in the Mac App Store. So what's the big deal abo...

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TUAW TV Live: iPad dreams

Just yesterday, word leaked out that Apple would be holding an event on October 22 at which it is expected that the company will debut the latest models of the iPad and iPad mini. The Mac Pro and Mavericks may receive passing notice as well, but the two new tablets will most likely be the focus of...

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TUAW TV Live: A bumper crop of new accessories, plus some old favorites

Apple accessory manufacturers have been working overtime during the past few months to come out with some new and fairly innovative products for iOS and Mac users. Today on TUAW TV Live Shawn "Doc Rock" Boyd and I will talk about some of our favorite new products and also reminisce about some of t...

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TUAW TV Live: More discussion of iOS 7, and how about those new iMacs?

Today's TUAW TV Live will feature further discussion of iOS 7 -- including a take on people who are finding it not to their liking. We'll discuss the new iMacs that magically appeared yesterday, as well as some other cool topics that have popped up -- like setting up a third-generation Apple TV by...

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TUAW TV Live: iOS 7 release day episode

Today, iOS 7 is being unleashed on the world. Since it may take you a wee bit of time to download the new mobile OS since everyone is trying to hit Apple's servers at the same time, Shawn "Doc Rock" Boyd and I have decided to devote the entire episode to discussion and demonstrations of the new fe...

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TUAW TV Live: Special Apple Event Episode

This week's going to discombobulate the entire Apple blogging world, since many of our regularly scheduled events are being affected by today's Apple event. Instead of the regular time on Wednesday afternoon, TUAW TV Live has moved to Tuesday to better provide you with fresh, tasty video. Shawn "D...

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TUAW TV Live: Samsung snarkery episode

As I write this in the early afternoon (ET) of September 4, 2013, Samsung's big event is occurring, complete with orchestra on stage, satellite link to Times Square and the new Galaxy Note 3. Doc and I will take a few minutes to dissect today's announcements from Apple's biggest competitor, and th...

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TUAW TV Live: Pre-Labor Day episode

With the long US Labor Day weekend coming up, it's time for TUAW readers and fans of TUAW TV Live to take off from their hard work, grab a cold one and join in on the discussion of all things Apple. Today's show will feature the usual parade of new and cool gizmos and apps for all of your favorite...

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TUAW TV Live: Sweaty host episode

Sheeeesh. It's obviously August here in Colorado, with temperatures in the 90s (°F) and no relief in site. It's also hot in Doc's part of the world, with a high of 88°F expected today. So the two of us might be a bit sweaty today when we light up the studio lights and entertain you for an ...

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TUAW TV Live: Stormy weather episode

Today on TUAW TV Live, it's all about the weather... or the weather apps, that is. We're going to talk about our favorite weather apps and sites, products like the AcuRite Pro Weather Center that work with your iOS devices to keep you in touch with your local weather and share it with the world, a...

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TUAW TV Live: Technical Difficulties Episode

What's the most annoying technical glitch you've ever run into? Have you ever found yourself cursing loudly at your "favorite" Internet Service Provider? Are you tired of apps that suddenly crash for no reason after they've been working just fine for months? Today on TUAW TV Live, I will dish on t...

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TUAW TV Live: End of July special edition

OK, so I lied. There's really nothing special about today's TUAW TV Live, other than the fact that I couldn't think of anything else witty to say. I'm keeping it for the show, OK? Today Doc and I will discuss a few of this week's news articles, chat about some apps and accessories that have hit s...

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TUAW TV Live: Post-vacation blues episode

I've just come back from an amazing trip (how many of you have ever been 635 miles from the North Pole or driven a dog sled?), which means that it's time to get back to work while trying to unpack and recover from jet lag. Since it's Wednesday, that means it's TUAW TV Live day. Today Doc and I wi...

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TUAW TV Live: The semi-annual iOS photo app edition

It's the time of year all of us in the Northern Hemisphere look forward to: summer! We're outdoors a lot more, which means that there are many more opportunities to take photos of friends, landscapes and even flying insects! Today on TUAW TV Live, Shawn "Doc Rock" Boyd and I will run through a bun...

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TUAW TV Live: Travel talk with Steve and Doc

Summer's almost here (Friday!), which means that many TUAW readers are either on vacation or starting to think about getting away while the weather's nice. Today, Shawn "Doc Rock" Boyd and I will talk about how we use technology in our travels to keep us connected, make traveling easier and help u...

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