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Adobe releases a PDF creator for iOS

Given the history between Adobe and Apple, this might be kind of surprising, but it happened anyway. Adobe has released an app for iPhone and iPad called CreatePDF that allows you to make and edit your own PDF files, right on iOS. The app can be used to open up any number of document formats, a...

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How saving changed in Lion - Infographic

You can check out the full-size images in the gallery below, but clearly Lion thinks about saving documents differently. Read more about versions and locking documents in this post. Note: If you're having an issue with the image loading in the gallery, click one of the thumbnails and it...

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OS X Lion: Auto Save and Versions to the rescue

Some of us have Command-S wired into our hands. Whenever we write a few words or enter a couple of cells into a spreadsheet, our hands twitch and we compulsively type a Command-S to save a document, just in case... A new feature of OS X Lion is Auto Save, which is going to stop a lot of Mac users...

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iWork gets SaaS-y with Documents in the Cloud

Apple detailed its cloud service and released some new features that begin to rival Google Docs and Microsoft 365. Say hello to Apple's new Documents in the Cloud feature that lets you sync documents in the cloud and share them across devices. If you are editing on the iPad, you can save the do...

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Pioneer registers with the FCC for AppRadio

It seems like just the other day we were chatting with Pioneer about its interfaces for iPhones in the car, and sure enough, it seems the company has plans for even more integration between its in-car units and Apple's smartphone. A filing with the FCC has revealed something Pioneer is calling ...

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Zen Viewer, great-looking document management for iPad

Zen Viewer is a relatively new app (available on iTunes right now) that offers a fresh take on document filing, viewing and sharing on the iPad. It works with a host of online services, provides many options for file upload and download, and it looks great, too. Right now, it's a buck (US$0.99) It...

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Judge unseals documents in Gizmodo case, finder offered extra $3500 and bonus for lost iPhone

After multiple requests from media like and the Los Angeles Times, a judge has unsealed the search warrant in the Gizmodo case. According to California law, search papers must be made public within 10 days of a search being completed, unless there are extenuating circumstances in the case....

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Voices that Matter iPhone: Five iPhone app design mistakes, and how to fix them

TUAW is at the Voices that Matter iPhone developers' conference this weekend, talking to iPhone OS developers of all walks of life. All weekend long, devs are here learning about how to code and design better iPhone applications from some of the best minds and artists on the App Store. We've gat...

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TUAW Sneak Preview: Doxie scanner from Apparent Corporation

Apparent Corporation, makers of the popular Intelliscanner barcode scanners, has announced that their new Doxie document scanner is in private beta-testing and on track for release to the public in November, 2009. Doxie is a USB-powered 600-dpi photo, document, and receipt scanner designed to i...

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First Look: MiGhtyDocs

Google Docs gives you document storage in the cloud, so why shouldn't you be able to access your documents anywhere you are connected to the cloud -- including your iPhone? Well, Google Docs viewing on the iPhone has been a bit kludgy ... until now. Thanks to MiGhtyDocs (iTunes link), you are now fr...

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Do you take this iPhone, to have and to hold?

So you're the groom at a wedding this last Saturday. You realize, 10 minutes before the ceremony, that you forgot to print out your vows. You try to get an HP printer to plug and play with a Windows Vista laptop, but no dice-- they're playing "Here Comes the Bride," and Windows is only telling you "...

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24 Hours of Leopard: Stacks

Feature: Stacks, which are what Apple is calling clickable icons on the Dock that fold out to show other clickable icons. How it works: It's actually an updated implementation of the old "Piles" idea, in that you can have one icon that gives you access to lots of different things. But Apple's Stacks...

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Faster printing through Quicksilver or a simple drag and drop

At TUAW HQ we absolutely love Quicksilver, the powerful, incredibly extensible and indispensable productivity tool, as it's capable of speeding up just about any conceivable operation on your Mac. Still, with everything Quicksilver is capable of, I honestly never thought it could be used to help ...

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Apple updates Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts doc

Keyboard shortcuts are one of the finer pleasures of computing, especially on a Mac. While we've been blogging all manner of these shortcuts, especially some of the gems in Mac OS X, there is always the One True Keyboard Shortcut Document to Rule Them All; the one maintained by Apple themselves. T...

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WriteRoom 2.0 goes official

We reported a WriteRoom 2.0 beta from Hog Bay Software early last month, and the company has now announced an official release. Version 2.0, as you might remember, brings with it rich text editing, a live word count, saving documents wherever you please and a standard text/rich text storage forma...

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