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Appleology: Six things Apple needs to fix

Appleology has come up with a list of "Six things Apple needs to fix by 2008." Specifically, they're requesting some obvious upgrades to the Apple TV (cheaper, more storage space, etc.) and updates for iLife and iWork (we're pretty sure this will happen when Leopard is released in October). They als...

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Software Update: iChat Update 1.0 for Tiger

Apple just rolled out iChat Update 1.0 for Tiger on both Intel and PPC platforms. Apple says: "This update renews the .Mac certificate required by iChat for encrypting text, audio and video conferences. For detailed information on this update, please visit this website:

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Apple testing new Backup update

We got word from a tipster that Apple is about to seed a software update for their Backup application to select users, who are being notified by invitation-only to participate in the super-exclusive AppleSeed program. No word yet on what improvements or enhancements are being tested, but we'll let y...

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The official .Mac blog wants you

Here's your chance, folks. The official .Mac Blog has put a call out to its readers. Specifically, they want to know what you want covered on the blog. Are you interested in learning about cool and little-known iWeb tricks? iDisk basics? Why .Mac doesn't offer what Google Apps for Your Domain does? ...

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.Mac's slow death

Somebody call the ambulance, because .Mac is dying...and Google is the assassin (with a little help from his sidekick Firefox). Now I've been using .Mac since it was free and called "iTools." I was initially lured in by the convenience of iDisk, the email address and so on. Web bookmark and ...

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Save money on a .Mac account

We've been running all sorts of posts that offer .Mac workarounds like Jungle Disk (to replace iDisk), and MySync for keeping your Macs up to date with each others' data. But what if you still prefer .Mac - just not its price? There are a few ways to save money off the purchase or renewal of a .Mac ...

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Super easy access to your iDisk's public folder

The official .Mac blog has an article describing a super simple method of accessing a subscriber's iDisk public folder. Simply point your browser to "" (where "membername" is, well, your .Mac member name). Also, depending on how that folder's owner has permissions set ...

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Is a .Mac update on the way?

Eagle-eyed .Mac users may have noticed the following message on the .Mac main page: "All .Mac web-based services will be down for maintenance from 10:00PM PDT to 1:00AM PDT on 4/27/06, including Mail on the web, Address Book, Bookmarks and HomePage. All other .Mac services are unaffected."...

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Share your .Mac stories

The official .Mac blog has posted a few stories written by .Mac subscribers, describing just how they use .Mac services in their day-to-day lives. A pro chef, a dance studio owner and a professor each share their tales. The stories are pretty interesting, especially the professor who used his iDisk ...

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Handy iWeb tip on the .Mac blog

I believe I've found the perfect use for iWeb. I've used it to create a family site for all of my far-flung relatives. They couldn't care less about trackback pings, comments, validation or any of that stuff. They just want to see cute pictures and videos of the kids, and I want to spend as little t...

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Apple releases .Mac-exclusive iChat icon sets

Sure, they aren't the exclusive Dashboard widgets we've heard so much about, but Apple has released 11 sets of iChat icons for .Mac members. Included are the familiar chat bubbles (pictured at right), Japanese stamps, sticky notes, status indicators and illustrations. According to Apple, they're onl...

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Delicious vs. .Mac bookmark syncing

Dave Chartier and I were talking about earlier today, in the secret TUAW offices in Reese Witherspoon's guest house. He loves Delicious, and I had never used it. For years now, I've been happily chugging along with .Mac's bookmark syncing feature, and my own organization of the bookmark ...

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.Mac family pack upgrade available

Here's an offer from the .Mac team for Mac-wielding famililes. According to the official .Mac Blog, a family upgrade is available. For an additional $80US, you get four additional accounts, each with its own email address and a combined 250MB of storage/email space. Plus, an iDisk folder will be cre...

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Two free book chapters for .Mac members

Check it out, .Mac subscribers: In the "Members Only" folder of your iDisk (that still makes me think of the jackets), you'll find two chapters of Joe Kissell's book, Take Control of .Mac.The first chapter focuses on using Mail, and is extremely thorough. Discussions include making use of ...

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Backup 3.1 is available

.Mac users: Launch Software Update. Apple has released Backup 3.1, with several changes. According to Apple: "Backup 3.1 delivers added support for some backup destinations and addresses file restoration and other issues. Backup 3.1 is recommended for all users of Backup 3.0. Significant areas ...

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