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'AirPlay Recorder' lets you rip iTunes Radio songs on OS X, and other news for Feb. 18, 2014

Back in 2002, a man by the name of Jon Lech Johansen put out a program called DeCSS, which allowed users to rip encrypted DVDs for the first time. It caused a stir in the technology and film industries for obvious reasons. Now Johansen is at it again, working with Monique Farantzos at a company th...

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doubleTwist adds AirPlay hooks to Android

I remember doubleTwist as an iTunes alternative from back in the day, but it's apparently morphed into an Android application and promises to bring many of the standard iTunes and iPod music features to the Android platform. Now the app has added yet another trick to its arsenal: doubleTwist no...

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Ask TUAW Video Edition: Syncing music with Android Phones

This week, another Matt asks how to sync his iTunes music and videos to his new Android-based phone. In the video we show two very simple to use applications that can accomplish the task. Applications mentioned in this video: doubleTwist - free for wired sync, US$4.99 for wireless sync ...

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Dazzboard syncs media in the browser, now supports Firefox and Chrome

It's an article of faith that Mac users prefer iPhones to other smartphones... right? But if we allow that there might be a cohort of Android users on the Mac (not to mention WinMobile and Windows Phone 7 aficionados), chances are they are going to be looking for some simple solutions to help wit...

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Doubletwist introduces in-app music store powered by Amazon

We posted about Doubletwist earlier this year -- it's a pretty innovative music app (developed in part by Jon Lech Johansen, otherwise known as DVD Jon) that not only plays you play whatever you like, obviously, but even lets you share and send music off to anyone, even other people who don't have ...

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DVD Jon's Doubletwist sends and shares your media

Why, you might wonder, would we want another media program -- isn't iTunes enough? But a new app called Doubletwist (by DVD Jon, creator of the old DeCSS DRM-stripping software) looks to answer that question by taking an iTunes-style interface, and expanding it to pretty much anything you'd want to ...

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DVD Jon breaks free of iTunes DRM

Today's Times Online reports that DVD Jon has introduced new software that allows you to break iTunes DRM and play back your iTunes purchases on any device. Apparently this new anti-DRM software works with an unsual analog-hole. It replays songs in fast-forward and copies the audio track. The Times ...

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