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Warner Music reporting more stable sales, propped up by iTunes and streaming services

There's finally some good news in the music business, but don't get too excited, it's not that good. Warner Music reports (before we hear about the full industry sales from 2011) that its sales were steady last year, at $780 million. In this case, steady is better than a drop, which is what most o...

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6.5 million downloads for Angry Birds on Christmas Day

Rovio says that it saw a whopping 6.5 million downloads of Angry Birds this past Christmas Day, which is just phenomenal, even for this overwhelmingly popular game. That number is very close to the number of iOS and Android devices activated overall, which means that most people who got an iPho...

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Reports suggest Apple retail had a great Christmas

We've already heard that the iPhone and iOS had a record day this Christmas weekend, and here's even more stats proving that's the case. First up, the latest data from Flurry Analytics points out that both iOS and Android saw not only record activations over the holiday weekend, with as many as...

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Filemaker offers free holiday kits for Bento users

Filemaker has released free holiday-themed goodies for Bento users. The Bento Holiday Kit has templates for cards and labels, a party planner and a gift list. To take advantage of this, you need to have Bento 4 for Mac installed. A free trial is available for those who want to see the program i...

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Free games and big updates this weekend on the App Store

Another day of the holiday season brings a whole lot of great downloads from the App Store. What we saw yesterday was mostly new releases, but here's a list of free games (and free updates) you might want to check out. A whole bunch of great games have gone free for the weekend, including ...

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Mac 101: Reclaiming space by cleaning out the Downloads folder

To new Mac users, the Downloads folder is quite confusing and even "invisible." As a Mac consultant, you wouldn't believe the number of times I've found multiple copies of downloads, updaters, and pictures in the Downloads folder -- all taking up valuable room on your disk. Reader Joe Delk br...

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Digital Chocolate buys Sandlot Games

Mobile game developer Digital Chocolate, one of the biggest developers on the App Store, has acquired Sandlot Games, makers of Cake Mania and a few other popular App Store titles. Sandlot has offices in Seattle and Eastern Europe, and Digital Chocolate says it plans to use the developer to expa...

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Lion: Restoring Safari's download list keyboard shortcut

Oh, those poor Mac OS X Lion developers. They work their tails off to get a new version of OS X out to us, and then people immediately find things that they liked better in the old version. Red Sweater Software founder and über-geek Daniel Jalkut found that the loss of a keyboard shortcu...

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OS X Lion hits one million downloads on launch day

We were pretty sure OS X Lion would be a success, but this is kind of ridiculous. According to Apple, OS X Lion was downloaded over one million times on launch day. Apple says this is the fastest adoption rate of any OS in its history. How about some other crazy numbers to go along with that sta...

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App Store downloads overtake iTunes music downloads

Right after Apple's announcement that App Store downloads had passed 15 billion, Asymco ran some numbers and concluded that App Store downloads have surpassed iTunes music downloads. Asymco based its conclusion on Apple's announcement only one month earlier that iTunes song downloads had passed 1...

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Lonely Planet's Best in Travel free on iBookstore

Lonely Planet has a deal going on in the iBookstore to advertise some of its published offerings there. For a limited time, the Best in Travel 2011 book can be downloaded in iBooks for free. The book ranks the top 10 places to visit around the world this year, featuring special one-time only ev...

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NPD: Mobile accounts for half of digital game downloads

NPD has released a report that cites mobile games as a big driver for digital downloads overall. Digital game consumption has been growing in leaps and bounds lately, and according to the latest report, nearly half of all of those digital game downloads come from mobile game platforms, of whi...

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New downloads window coming to Safari in Lion

A few days ago it was discovered that Apple is building in a new feature to Safari called Reading List. The feature works like Instapaper and allows users to save web pages for later viewing. Now Italian Mac site has discovered another tweak set for Safari v. 5.1 in Lion -- a r...

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Apple tweaks app ranking system

Apple has reportedly modified its app ranking system to include criteria besides the number of application downloads. This change was noticed by ad network executives and other companies that monitor the ranking of applications in Apple's iOS App Store. Facebook, Skype and Pandora are three a...

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Apple negotiating for unlimited iTunes music downloads

When you buy an app for your iOS device, you only have to buy it once. If you buy it on your iPhone, you can download it on your iPad later and pay nothing at all. If your Mac's hard drive dies on you, as far as your iOS apps are concerned it doesn't matter; you can download them again later wi...

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