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Tag: drawing

Pixelmator 2.0 announced, coming to Mac App Store later this summer

Today, the Pixelmator team provided a peek at the next version of their namesake image editing tool. With the code name of Chameleon, Pixelmator 2.0 is a major upgrade that is expected to ship later in the summer of 2011. Anyone who has already purchased the app via the Mac App Store for US$29 ...

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Adobe Ideas for iPad gets feature boost

Adobe updated Ideas, its vector-based sketchbook application for the iPad, earlier this week. The 1.2 version of the iPad application is available for free and lets users grab a capacitive stylus or their finger to create a drawing or add annotations to images. This latest version adds a new premiu...

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Learn to draw with an iPad

Learn to Draw Digital Sketchbook is a pretty interesting app that teaches you how to draw in step-by-step lessons. You select from the provided drawing tools, follow the spoken and text instructions, and you're on your way. You can also dive into the app and draw freehand to apply your skills. You c...

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TUAW's Daily App: ArtRage

ArtRage is a very slick drawing and painting app, originally for Windows and Mac, but now also found on the iPad. The app is extremely realistic. You can use any number of various brushes and paints, and the colors will even blend and warp on the canvas as you lay them down, just as they would on a...

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TUAW Giveaway: 10 copies of!

We covered a neat new productivity application called Alarms last week. This week, we're excited to offer 10 licenses to our readers, and all you have to do is leave a comment for a chance to win one! Tell us how Alarms would help you be more productive, or maybe what you're currently using to meet ...

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Pressure-sensitive drawing on the iPad

Ten One Design has made a reputation for themselves by providing tools and technology to turn touch-sensitive surfaces into drawing tablet style interfaces. They sell a Pogo Stylus that works along with the capacitive touchscreen of the iPhone to make it an even better tool for artists. And in th...

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Holiday weekend giveaway: Type Drawing for iPad

There's a lot of great drawing apps for the iPad out there, but Type Drawing puts a unique spin on things. With Type Drawing, you can sketch anything your mind can conceive of, but your brush strokes are made up of words instead of lines. I've been playing around with the app for a while now, and it...

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Found Footage: Creating manga on the iPad

In the video above, artist Yoshitoshi Abe uses LiveSketch HD [$0.99] to sketch one of his characters named Ain. Yoshitoshi's normal medium is pencil and paper, but you can see that the detail he achieves in the sketch on the iPad is almost in parity with his pencil sketches. What's even more...

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Layers released for iPad

When I was at the Apple Store on Tuesday test driving an iPad, the girl next to me with her parents was asking about drawing programs she could use. I immediately suggested Layers to them, which we initially reviewed last summer. There are several excellent drawing programs for the iPhone, but Layer...

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Cartoon Creator: a great introduction to animation in an app

Remember flip books? Get a stack of paper and draw something on the first page. On the next page, draw just about the same thing moved slightly, repeat until you run out of paper. Staple the pile together, flip through the pages and if you did it right, your drawings move like an animated cartoon. ...

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First Look: Layers for iPhone, natural media painting app

The very talented Ben Gotow has just released a brand new iPhone app called Layers, his third now after Mathomatic and NetSketch (iTunes links). Layers, not to be confused with the innovative screen capture application on the Mac desktop, is a natural media painting app for the iPhone. Stating the o...

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Sketches updated to 1.5

One of the first applications I used and enjoyed on my iPhone, Sketches, has updated to version 1.5. New in this version is the ability to change the alpha settings for colors (so you can change the opacity of the drawings you make on photos you take), and an edit mode for the corkboard view, to rea...

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Found Footage: Instaviz, graph sketching app for iPhone

I spend a lot of my time with a dry erase marker and whiteboard sketching diagrams for clients. I draw use case diagrams, flow charts, mind maps, you name it. On my Macs, I use the shape tools in Pages to draw my diagrams, but I often wish for a tool that would let me sketch charts on my iPhone. ...

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Swype could make typing easier on the iPhone

Still haven't caught on to typing on that little non-tactile keyboard on the iPhone's screen? This little tech, from the creator of the T9 system (dreaded by some, loved by others) being shown off at TC50, could be just the ticket. Swype is kind of like a gesture-based system, except that it uses th...

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TUAW Hands on with FlipBook for iPhone

Josh Anon's $9.99 FlipBook [App Store link] offers a well-designed animation building tool. Like other flip book drawing products, it lets you create movement frame by frame. What makes FlipBook stand out from the crowd of iPhone drawing tools is its fine attention to interface details and the addit...

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