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Audi releases interactive augmented reality manual for drivers

If you aren't an auto-savvy person in general, learning what all the switches and lights do in your new car can be a bit overwhelming. Not to mention what happens under the hood. But a company called Metaio has worked in conjunction with Audi to release Audi eKurzinfo, a new augmented reality app ...

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Logitech G series now available: Gaming keyboards and mice for Mac

We heard way back in January that Logitech was possibly planning to bring its gaming peripherals to the Mac, and that's exactly what's happened. Logitech has announced that its G series of keyboards and mice, designed to entice gamers with features like lots of extra customizable buttons, backl...

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Printer patents portend driver-free future

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published two patents in the past week that suggest Apple is trying to eliminate the much-loathed printer driver. As first noted by ConceivablyTech, the two patents each describe a way for your Mac to get the necessary driver information from the printer its...

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Canon printer drivers hitting Software Update

As if Safari and iOS updates weren't enough for one day! Do you use a Canon printer (including all-in-one printer/scanners) with your Mac running Snow Leopard? If so, you have an exciting new update waiting for you. There's no indication of what the new Canon Printer Drivers 2.5 version actually ...

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What really happened with Wi-Fi on the iPhone 4

WWDC is wrapping up here in San Francisco today, and after a week of having most of the best Apple developers in the world all in one place, we're hearing some speculation and solutions for what happened to Steve Jobs on stage Monday. He had Wi-Fi issues while accessing the New York Times website du...

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Apple lists Snow Leopard-compatible printers and scanners

I'll come right out and say that I don't like scanners. Granted, I haven't used any high-end models, but in my experience, scanning a simple image to my Mac was akin to piloting a space module. As a chimp. While Mac OS X Snow Leopard includes a great number of scanner (and printer) drivers, some ...

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Getting ready for Snow Leopard: Think about your applications

Ahhhh, there's nothing quite like the feeling of knowing that tomorrow I will be spending much of the day upgrading the Macs in my house to Snow Leopard. I received an email from Apple this morning telling me that Snow Leopard had shipped, so now I just need to be available to sign for the package t...

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Better printing with Gutenprint

Gutenprint (formerly called Gimp-Print) is an open-source package of improved printer drivers and utilities that can be installed on Mac OS X to enhance printing functionality and add additional support for older printers. It has driver support for over 1300 printer models, and adds a GIMP plugin fo...

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id's Hollenshead: Apple "has not followed through" on gaming

id software's CEO Todd Hollenshead met up with Kikizo for an interview recently, and the conversation turned, as often seems to do with id nowadays, to gaming on the Mac. Hollenshead was confronted with what his peers Gabe Newell (of Valve), and id's John Carmack had previously said about Apple, and...

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More Audio Driver Drama: Blame Apple, Says Peter Kirn

A few days ago I posted about the problems that the 10.5.2 update was causing with audio recording hardware and software from various manufacturers. Today, in a follow-up post to his original roundup of the issues at hand, Peter Kirn weighs in on Apple's accountability. Kirn's position is that Appl...

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24 hours of Leopard: Boot Camp

Features: Boot Camp What it does: Atten-HUT! No more whinin' about how yer Mac won't run Windows without kickin' it around the block a few times. Leopard now comes with Boot Camp so you can tell your machine whether to come to the party dressed in its Leopard or Windows togs. (You, Soldier, bette...

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Mac OS drivers appear in Dell download list

Somehow, some way, Mac OS drivers have appeared as a download option for a Dell Latitude X1. How many times do we have to tell you Michael Dell: You can't sell Mac OS X, no matter how often or how badly you wish to sell an operating system that's made for this century. Besides, trying to sneak it o...

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Griffin Updates PowerMate Driver to v1.6.4

I've had my PowerMate for quite awhile and it remains one of the coolest accessories attached to my Mac. It's not quite as spiffy as Hubzilla, who provides me with extra firewire ports, but I use my PowerMate often for volume control while watching TV on my Mac (via a Miglia capture card) or when I'...

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Apple needs to fix their PowerBook DL trackpad software

Ever since I picked up this 15" PowerBook DL (Dual Layer SuperDrive) about a month ago, I have occasionally run into situations where I see the kernel_task in Activity Monitor spiking to about 60% CPU usage, grinding my machine nearly to a halt and making it generally unusable until I restarted...

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