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Drums! gets redesigned for version 3.0

There are quite a few "drum simulator" apps on the iPad and the iPhone -- it's one of the first ideas a lot of developers had when the touchscreen devices became available, and lots of devs carried that idea out to release. But Drums! is one of the most popular of these apps -- it's gotten plent...

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Gyro Air Drums makes rhythmic use of the iPhone 4's gyroscope

While most of the apps making use of the iPhone 4's gyroscope have centered around augmented reality, here's one doing something different. Gyro Air Drums is an app that supposedly lets you use your iPhone as a "virtual drumstick," waving and tapping it on a virtual drum. You can move your iPhone...

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First Look: dPad drum sequencer for iPad

I'm not a big drums person. I have no rhythm. I wouldn't know a drum kit if I tripped over one. Overly complicated interfaces confuse and scare me. Nevertheless, I thought I'd bring you this sneak peek video from Stu Helm, who ex-TUAWian Dave Chartier tells me is renown for "Agile and Internati...

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