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Daily iPhone App: Scribblenauts Remix

I remember hearing way, way back that Scribblenauts might be headed to iOS, but when the dust finally settled on the iOS 5 transition yesterday, among the (many -- we'll see more in the next few days) great new releases on the App Store, this one definitely stood out. Warner Brothers and origin...

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Handheld gamers leaving DS and PSP for their phones

A new report on the digital media industry from a firm named Interpret says that mobile phone gaming is rising at an incredible rate, even while traditional handheld gaming (such as games on handheld consoles like Nintendo's DS or Sony's PSP) is falling off. 43.8 percent of the gaming market plays ...

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40.1 million people are playing games on iDevices, 45% fine with in-app ads

Here are two interesting stats about iOS gaming to round out your Monday. First up, a new industry survey says that 40.1 million people in the US are playing games on Apple's mobile devices -- that's over half of the 77 million strong total gaming audience. That's a huge market share, especially con...

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Phoenix Wright, Half Life 2, and Chocobo Panic available now

Here's some quick hits on a few big name releases across Apple platforms. First up, the funny and addictive DS hit Phoenix Wright has made its way to the iPhone, and you can pick it up for US $4.99. While it's kept the two-screen gameplay from Nintendo's handheld, it's still a great time. Square ...

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Nintendo: Apple is 'enemy of the future'

Only two months ago, the official word from gaming giant Nintendo was that they weren't worried about competition from Apple. But according to Times Online, Nintendo's president, Satoru Iwata, has instructed his subordinates to consider Nintendo victorious over Sony. Instead, Nintendo now considers ...

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Apple gains 19% share of portable gaming market, 5% of everything

Flurry's got lots of new data this week -- earlier, we heard that 44% of apps coming to the iPad are going to be games, and now they're saying that Apple is making huge headway into the gaming market overall. According to the latest numbers, the iPhone OS has nabbed 15% of the mobile game market aw...

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Nintendo not concerned about competition from Apple

While Sony appears concerned about its eroding share of the mobile gaming market since the phenomenal success of Apple's App Store, gaming giant Nintendo isn't worried about Apple at all. In an interview with VentureBeat, Nintendo of America's Cammie Dunaway said that with 11.2 million DS units sold...

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Rumor: Sony developing PSP phone to challenge iPhone

In terms of sales, Sony's PSP has been getting trounced by the various incarnations of Nintendo's DS since day one. Despite the PSP's better graphics and flexibility as a mobile media platform, the DS has grabbed hold of the handheld gaming market and shows no sign of letting go. Since the introd...

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Phoenix Wright, Hexen II coming to the iPhone

Good news for fans of good games: the terrific DS courtroom simulator (which, trust me, sounds much less fun than it actually is) Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney is coming to the iPhone, and Slide to Play has posted some hands-on video. The game takes the two DS screens and stacks them on top of eac...

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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars now available on iPhone and iPod touch

Rockstar Games told us a while back that they'd be releasing their DS hit Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on the iPhone, and sure enough, last night it appeared on the App Store [iTunes link]. Touch Arcade got a head start on the game -- they've got some quick impressions and some gameplay video u...

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TUAW at E3: Robocalypse: Mobile Mayhem for iPhone

I'm spending the week at E3, and while iPhone games are somewhat few and far between (odds are that we'll see most of the App Store's goods next week at WWDC), there are a few gems to find out on the floor. In the Vogster booth, I got to play Robocalypse: Mobile Mayhem. It was originally seen on t...

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Rumor: Apple considering a $19.99 price point for App Store games?

It's just a rumor at this point, but yes, apparently it's floating around out there that Apple may be considering a $19.99 price point for "premium" games in the App Store. That would be a direct response not only to bigger developers who say a 99 cents to $9.99 price point is too low for them to ju...

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Flickr Find: Macintosh on Nintendo DS

While browsing Flickr this afternoon, we came across a shot of a Nintendo DS running Macintosh System 6 in emulation on reader Ken Fager's Flickr stream. Of course, we contacted him to ask how he did it. Here's what he had to say. First, grab a DS flash card and install MiniVMacDS onto its root dire...

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EA mobile prez: iPhone is hurting mobile game development

Macworld has news out of CES that EA's mobile division president has good and bad news about the iPhone and gaming. The good news is that the iPhone is a terrific device -- but then again, you already knew that. But the bad news is that Apple's handling everything all wrong. By leaving out the actua...

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