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DirecTV announces remote control app coming soon to iPad

We've had an iPhone app for DirecTV for quite a while now. It allows you to program your DVR directly from your smartphone, and it works well enough. Now, the satellite giant has announced an iPad app that will do the DVR programming, but also allow you to control your TV, customize the program gu...

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Apple patent frenzy: TV set-top box, Cinema Display, iChat, liquid metal

According to Patently Apple, this week Apple's been granted a storm of patents. The patents include: 1. An advanced set-top box that sounds like the superhero offspring of the current Apple TV and a TiVo set. What's new and exciting in this patent is a multiple search engine implementation that wou...

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Elgato EyeTV HD: A review of the Mac DVR for cable and satellite HDTV

Elgato has been in the Mac video market for quite some time, developing and marketing such popular products as the Turbo.264 HD USB video compression device and various varieties of EyeTV, a tuner and digital video recorder for Mac. Eariler this year, TUAW reviewed the EyeTV Hybrid, a US$149.95 USB...

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Apple expands lawsuit against Motorola

Perhaps the only department at Apple that works longer hours than engineering these days is legal. The most recent legal dust-up in Cupertino has just expanded, as Apple has amended a patent lawsuit against Motorola to include 12 more claims. This particular fracas began in October when Motorola ...

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DISH Network updates Remote Access TV app to work with iPad

There's a new version of Dish Network's Remote Access app, and for iPad users running iOS 4 or higher it's got a killer feature. Subscribers will now not only have the ability to manage their DVR and schedule recordings away from home, but to also watch live TV on their iPad. While the Remote Access...

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Verizon's FiOS Mobile Remote app ready for iPhone

Verizon has had their FiOS DVR Manager app available for some time. Now, the company has released another offering to the App Store in the way of a wireless remote. Using the Verizon FiOS Mobile Remote requires you to be connected to your FiOS-provided wireless network in order for it to work. On...

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Video demo of ABC's My Generation synchronized app

As Dave reported earlier, ABC and Nielsen have teamed up to develop an iPad app that supports the new series My Generation. Users run the app while watching the show -- either live or recorded -- and it will stay synced with the section of the episode you're watching by "listening" to the audio f...

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Time Warner Cable entering the iPhone app game

I've been a Verizon FiOS subscriber since the day it rolled out in my neighborhood, and I couldn't be happier (my bank account's demeanor is another story). Actually, I take that back, because I got a tad bit happier when the cable company released an official iPhone app that allows for DVR scheduli...

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DirecTV beams down iPhone app

Long rumored and eagerly awaited, DirecTV has finally posted their free iPhone app for finding and recording content. The DirecTV app [App Store link] has been pretty hard to find. It didn't come up in an iTunes search last night and this morning, but that may have been fixed. Locating programming i...

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Schedule DirecTV recording with your iPhone

A lot of people may know about this, and a lot may not. Here's the straight skinny. Last year DirecTV rolled out the ability to go to a web page and give instructions to your DVR to record a program. TiVo and Replay TV also had this ability for quite some time. Meanwhile Dish Network just announced ...

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Patent filing shows DVR for Apple TV

Earlier this week, AppleInsider reported on an Apple TV patent filed in 2006 and just published; it shows DVR features, and the patent also includes a feature where the iPod could be docked with the Apple TV to sync content for on-the-go viewing. "For example, program data for upcoming programs, e...

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Show floor video: El Gato HD hardware and EyeTV 3

While we wait for Apple to cram a TV tuner or cable card into the Apple TV (don't hold your breath-- seriously), El Gato continues to pump out some nice hardware/software tools for watching the tube on your Mac. One thing that caught my eye: you can start distributing recorded live video around your...

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Elgato brings EyeTV Support to HDHomeRun

We previously mentioned a hacked together, rudimentary Mac interface for the HDHomeRun and expressed hope for EyeTV support. Well, our wish has been granted as Elgato has announced the HDHomeRun for the Mac. The HDHomeRun is a nifty little device that features two over-the-air / Clear QAM HD tuners...

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HDHomeRun HDTV Mac Streaming Tool

I first heard about the HDHomeRun on DL.TV a while back, and while it looked very interesting I was left disappointed that it lacked full Mac support. The HDHomeRun is a cool little device that contains two over-the-air HDTV tuners to receive HDTV and then stream that HD content over your home ethe...

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Elgato releases new EyeTV Diversity DTT tuner

Looks like Miglia isn't the only kid on the block with a picture-in-picture TV tuner for the Mac anymore, as Elgato has released the EyeTV Diversity, offering powerful DTT reception, picture-in-picture viewing and the ability to record one channel while you watch another. DTT, for those who might be...

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