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CES expands iPod, iPhone exhibit space at next year's show

I'm lucky enough to be heading out to E3 next week, so I'll be puttering around the show looking for great iPhone apps and games to tell you all about, but it looks like CES might be the place to be for iPhone software in 2010: the show is going to expand the exhibit space for Apple's mobile platf...

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TUAW Hands-on: Spore Origins for the iPhone

In the Electronic Arts booth here at E3, nestled in among the raucous noises of various first-person shooters, is a completely white room with a few cell phones on tables. This is the EA Mobile space, and it was here that we got to play Spore Origins, the iPhone version of Will Wright's sure-to-be...

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John Carmack id tech 5 demo from WWDC

Here's the demo of id tech 5, id Software's new graphical engine, running on a Mac at the WWDC keynote. It looks very nice (it should, at 20gb of textures), and Carmack says the engine will allow programmers to come in and get the game right first, and then let their artists loose on it. Levels c...

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An Apple IIe at E3

Forget the Nintendo Wii (pronounced "wheeeeeeeeeeee!"), Sony PS3 (or the "Rockefeller Machine" as I call it), or Xbox 360 razmatazz... The real action at this year's E3 was hidden deep in the bowels of the show: an Apple ][e. Apparently the ][e had been gutted, and replaced with a net-aware time mac...

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