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Amazon unveils iOS-compatible Kindle Unlimited service; all the books you can read for $10/month

With subscription plans for music having taken hold in recent years, Amazon figured it might as well get in on the action and roll out a similar service for e-books. Earlier today, the online retailing giant announced Kindle Unlimited, a new service that lets users read anything and everything the...

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Just in time for the holidays, iBooks Store adds the ability to send iBooks as gifts

Apple has just introduced a new way for you to buy gifts for friends and relatives. The iBooks Store has added the ability to give iBooks to those on your shopping list. It's been possible to send apps to others as gifts since 2010, and music or videos from the iTunes Store for many years. Buying...

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Vellum: Taking the pain out of e-book publishing

As someone who has gone through the fun of self-publishing e-books for use on everything from the Amazon Kindle to Apple's iBooks, I know what a pain in the neck it can be to get everything formatted and set up properly for publishing. Even Apple's iBooks Author has limitations once you've actuall...

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Emily Books launches iOS subscription app

Emily Books is an independent e-book publisher that runs its own e-bookstore with a special twist, offering readers a subscription model. For US$13.99 a month, or $159.99 a year, readers are provided with one e-book every month. If you pay all at once, you save around $7.89 a year. Now Emily Books i...

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Daily Update for July 25, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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A comprehensive look at Apple's ebook price fixing suit

A US District judge recently ruled that Apple conspired to raise e-book retail prices in an effort to keep rivals from using e-book prices as a loss leader. Apple is currently planning on appealing the ruling, but it will be months before it comes before the Circuit Court of Appeals, if the appeal...

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Open Air sees e-book sales success by publishing in the App Store

Paid Content is a fantastic blog for freelance and office professionals that covers paid-content business models for furthering the reach of your work. They've just published a useful interview with Jon Feldman, the CEO and founder of e-book publisher Open Air, about what it takes to get an e-book...

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If Apple vs. US goes to the Supreme Court

Forbes has an interesting take on on Apple vs. the US Government in the current antitrust case that stems from deals Apple made as it entered the e-book business. Forbes speculates whether the case could head to the Supreme Court and how Apple might do in that venue. Writer Roger Parloff believes...

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E-books not growing much in Canada, slightly better in the US

A new study from BookNet Canada notes that the e-book market may be in trouble. Paperback books, says BookNet, made up 58 percent of all purchases last year, with hardcover taking 24 percent. But e-books were only 15 percent of total sales last year, a figure that's down overall from 2012's firs...

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Penguin offers settlement in European Commission investigation into e-book price-fixing

The European Commission has been investigating Apple and major book publishers over e-book price-fixing since late 2011. Today the EC published a notice on its website inviting comments on Penguin's proposal to end its existing pricing agreements with Apple and refrain from entering into similar a...

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Rumor: Amazon's Goodreads purchase cancelled a possible Apple partnership

The Wall Street Journal says that before Amazon's purchase of the Goodreads service earlier this year, Apple was planning to possibly integrate the social reading-recommendation service into its own iBookstore. Apple and Goodreads, says the WSJ, had been talking for a year or more about combini...

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Tim Cook ordered to testify in e-book case

According to Reuters, Apple CEO Tim Cook will have to sit for a deposition in the US government's case against Apple regarding e-book price fixing. US District Judge Denise Cote decided in favor of the Justice Department's request to have Cook on the stand. He will be made available for four hou...

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Smart textbook maker Kno introduces Kno Me, adding stats to studying

Kno turns old-fashioned educational textbooks into interactive learning experiences. Adding links, multimedia and features like flashcards and quizzes, Kno already offers a powerful experience for students. Of course there are tools for adding notes, comments and such, but each student also has...

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Apple's iBookstore to hit Japan this year

Before Apple rolled out the iBookstore in Japan in 2010, it failed to negotiate the necessary contracts with Japan's biggest book publishers. As a result, the iBookstore in Japan was stocked predominately with free, public domain e-books. The only paid e-books in the store have been from very s...

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Apple suspends 'most favored nation' in European iBookstore for 5 years

Apple has sent an email to e-book publishers selling in European iBookstores noting that the "most favored nation" clause has been suspended until December 8, 2017, setteB.IT notes on Twitter. The change removes the phrase from the book-selling contract, which prevented publishers from selling ...

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