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Marvin celebrates its first birthday by going free for a limited time

Marvin is one of the best-kept secrets on the App Store. The iOS eReader app is celebrating its first anniversary, and as part of the anniversary, the developers are simplifying the product line and making both versions of Marvin universal and designed for iOS 7. The new free version of Marvin lets...

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Kindle for iOS update adds adjustable margins, more

Amazon pushed an update to its Kindle app that'll make it even easier for you to read your Kindle books on your iPad or iPhone, according to a report in The Next Web. The latest update brings rapid highlighting to all devices and adjustable margins to the iPad. The latter feature offers three d...

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Kindle app update adds children's books, comics

Amazon has pushed a long-awaited update to its Kindle app that adds children's books, graphic novels and comics. The availability of these books that take full advantage of a color screen was one of the marketing tactics behind the release of the Kindle Fire, and it's nice to see them on the iO...

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Students demonstrate innovative iPad book page flip

One major complaint about reading an eBook is the experience; holding an iPad is just not the same as holding a book and thumbing through the pages. This complaint may lose some of its weight if the folks at the KAIST Institute of Information Technology Convergence can get their patented Smart E-B...

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Stanza iOS app updated, but Amazon is abandoning it

Stanza was one of the first apps I downloaded when I got an iPhone. It pre-dated Amazon's release of the Kindle iOS app and Apple's own iBooks app, so for awhile Stanza was the best option out there for reading eBooks on an iPhone. Not long after it released the official Kindle app, Amazon boug...

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Amazon adds Kindle textbook rentals, leaves iBooks in the dust

Amazon announced a new textbook rental service today for its Kindle eBook service. The textbook rental store would let students rent textbooks from 30 to 360 days from the Kindle store. The rental terms could save students up to 80% on the purchase price of the books from publishers such as John ...

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Safari Books Online takes Safari to Go to the iPad

Safari Books Online (SBO) has announced the availability of Safari To Go, its second-generation iPad app (first launched in November 2010) that offers access to SBO's extensive library of books and videos. This free application lets users mark favorites, save books for offline reading, search by t...

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Google Books for iOS adds landscape reading, speed boost

Google Books for iOS was introduced late last year and opened the world of Google's 2 million digital books to iOS owners. The application competed with Apple's iBooks and Amazon's Kindle application, but it lacked the polish and finesse of these two applications. This latest version released...

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iPad passes Reed College higher ed test

Reed College took the Apple iPad for a spin in 2010 and was pleased with the tablet's performance as an educational tool. The College was one of several educational establishments that tested the Kindle DX when the eReader was launched in 2009. When the pilot program was completed, the Kindle DX ...

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Survey: Apple iPad catching up to Kindle

There is still a big price difference, but the iPad is challenging the Amazon Kindle as a preferred device for reading e-books in ownership and satisfaction. That's according to a ChangeWave survey of more than 2,800 U.S. consumers. Of iPad owners, 75% said they were "very satisfied" with their dev...

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Notre Dame embarks on a paperless course with iPads

The University of Notre Dame's yearlong study of eReaders in academics is starting the school year with a bang -- a course that will use the iPad as the only textbook students need. The course is entitled Project Management, and each of the 40 students enrolled will be given an iPad to use in lie...

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Barnes and Noble eReader app updated

I've been watching the e-reader competition with great interest lately -- after the iPad entered the market with such a splash, Amazon and Barnes & Noble have been trying to position their own devices in a place where they'll at least be profitable. But at the same time, those apparent iPad comp...

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Bezos: Kindle and iPad are separate devices

Just yesterday, we were talking about how groovy it is that Amazon is strongly supporting their iPhone and iPad apps, even while trying to sell competing hardware with the Kindle device. But Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in a recent interview that it's not really a choice -- "the Kindle is for readers...

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Amazon's Kindle app adds video, audio support

I've just recently started making the transition to ebook reading with my iPhone's Kindle app -- after a little hesitance about reading a screen rather than ink on paper, I've gotten used to the form, and really appreciate the convenience of always having my reading with me (and the free ebooks hel...

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TUAW's Daily App: Barnes & Noble eReader

"But Mike," I can hear you say,"I've already got iBooks on my iPad -- why would I want to download another eReader?" Try free books for an answer. Barnes and Noble is holding a promotion this month: every week, you can show up in their retail stores, and if you show someone on staff that you've got...

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