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SimCity for Mac delayed until August

Mac SimCity fans hoping to grab a copy of the popular lifestyle game next week are going to be disappointed with EA today. The gaming company confirmed that it is delaying the launch of SimCity for the Mac from the original June 11th date to sometime in August. A post on the SimCity blog claims t...

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Plants vs Zombies 2 exclusively on iOS at launch

Ever since Plants vs. Zombies 2 was first announced, I've been crossing my fingers that we wouldn't have to wait long for an iOS release. The original game was hugely successful on Apple's touchscreen devices, but of course it was first seen on PC, and then eventually made its way out to every o...

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Big updates coming for Skylanders, Real Racing 3

We've got news of two major updates coming to high profile iOS games recently. First up, Activision's Skylanders: Lost Islands (the iOS town-building title based on the very popular toy/game series) just got a new substantial update, featuring Facebook integration, and lots of new companions to ...

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Ultima Forever spotted on the Canadian App Store

If you've been waiting for Ultima Forever, the new iOS version of Ultima from EA, then it's here for you (kind of). The app has been spotted over on the Canadian App Store, and if you have an account over there, you can go and download it right now. The Canadian App Store is often used as a beta...

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EA's Frostbite engine could improve iOS games

EA has announced that its Frostbite game engine, used to power popular game like Need for Speed and Battlefield 4, is coming to iOS. Dubbed Frostbite Go, the game engine is set to give a big graphics and performance boost to cutting-edge iOS games. From the Frostbite website where the engine was o...

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SimCity for Mac coming on June 11

EA announced today that the latest version of SimCity will be arriving on the Mac platform on June 11, 2013. Lucy Bradshaw, senior vice president and general manager of EA's Maxis Label, said that "We didn't want to make any compromises when it came to the Mac, so we created a native version th...

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Ultima Forever looks impressive, but may have some freemium problems

Ultima Forever is one of the weirdest brand experiments I've seen pop up on iOS so far. Ultima is, of course, one of the oldest and best-loved RPG series in video games, with over a dozen different variations and versions. And EA has decided to bring the Ultima series to iOS with Ultima Forever...

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Firemint devs form new Australian studio, Loveshack Entertainment

Joshua Boggs, Adrian Moore and Ollie Browne are three developers who formerly worked at Firemint, the venerated studio behind iOS hits like Flight Control, Spy Mouse, and (after an acquisition by EA and a merger with Iron Monkey to become Firemonkeys) the recent hit Real Racing 3. They decided ...

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Daily iPhone App: Real Racing 3 is a showcase of the best (and not quite) that iOS has to offer

Here's the bottom line on this one, right away: Real Racing 3 is an amazing game, and EA has put it on the App Store for free. Go grab it and be awed, right now. That said, I do have one issue with this game, and it's that I'm actually a terrible driver. I do fine on real roads at less-than-d...

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EA reveals 'single identity' cross-platform gaming experience

EA has completed its Origin login service, which means that most of its games going forward (including, presumably, Real Racing 3, which hits the US App Store tomorrow) will use a single company-specific login. Now, all EA games on all platforms will be able to access that login. So, for exampl...

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EA drops dozens of iOS games to 99 cents for President's Day

Here's some late-breaking Presidents' Day news for iOS gamers: EA has dropped the price of more than 50 of its mobile games to just US$0.99 in celebration of the holiday. Titles on sale span both iPhone and iPad and include the likes of Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Dead Space, Monopoly Milliona...

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EA's Origin game service launches for Mac

AppleInsider reports Electronic Arts has officially launched its Origin game service for Mac. Origin is a digital distribution platform for EA games like The Sims 3, Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition, Lego Batman, Harry Potter, Star Wars and many others, directly to Mac desktops and ...

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EA launches Origin for Mac alpha, includes free Bookworm

Electronic Arts announced today that it's bringing its Origin service to Mac, and that an alpha version of it is now available for download. According to EA, the alpha is being opened up to "a few thousand" users in North America and Europe. You can get the client from the Origin web store's de...

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EA launches its big holiday sale, more cheap apps as well

You knew this was coming. We've seen big App Store sales all week, and of course EA had to get in on the deals at some time. The company that essentially started the trend of big holiday sales is back, featuring tons of high profile apps for just a buck. Basically, if there's anything EA you wa...

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Need for Speed's Autolog app available now

EA and Activision both have been making a push lately for add-on iOS apps for their biggest console properties: Activision's been pushing a Call of Duty Elite app, and EA's got one related to Medal of Honor Warfare as well. And here comes EA again with another app dedicated to a big console fra...

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