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Ahem... where's the new In-Ear Headphones, Apple?

Some of you might remember the music event in September. Not only did Steve Jobs give us new iPods, but he also promised that Apple would be releasing new in-ear headphones in October. If anyone hasn't noticed, it's now mid-November, and there's no sign of the new headphones anywhere. Has Apple ...

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iPhone 101: Triple click to go to a previous song

When Apple first introduced the iPhone, they also announced a new set of earbuds to go along with it. These headphones sport a nice clicky button that allows you to pause/play/skip a song. However, they forgot to include a function to go to a previous song. If you are running the new 2.1 firmware, y...

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Breakaway 1.7

If you frequent the library (or quiet places) then Breakaway could be a god-send. You'll never be afraid of your headphones becoming unplugged when you have John Mayer playing loudly in iTunes. If you have ever used an iPod, then you know that when you unplug your headphones while playing a song it ...

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iPods outline "dead bodies" in ad campaign

We've seen clever iPod marketing from outside the US before, like this great campaign from South Africa. Today's ads come from the Sydney, Australia Police Department. Designed to encourage people to be aware of traffic while listening to their iPods, the ads depict users lying on the road, their e...

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Don't wear iPod earbuds on the subway

It's a sad fact that you may occasionally find "unsavory" characters on the subway. It's also true that people have been mugged for their iPods. Savvy commuters know how to protect themselves, but San Francisco transit police are offering some official advice. In a flyer entitled "Protect Yourself a...

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High res pics of first orange iPod

AppleInsider has some nice, high res photos of the new orange iPod shuffle, the first orange iPod. You can check them out here.* Note that Apple has packaged new earbud headphones with the colorful shuffles. If you still prefer grey but want the new headphones, get a package with black lettering, an...

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Throw out your earbuds and listen different

Sci Fi Tech (yes, the people from the Sci Fi channel) has a nice article up about better ways to listen to your iPod. They present five of their favorite headphones and earbuds to replace the standard cheapy earbud set that ships in the box. Prices for these suggestions range from a reasonable $60 (...

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Do iPods cause ear infections?

According to a recent health column in The Australian, iPod earbuds in and of themselves will not cause ear infections. Prolonged use, however, may irritate the ear canal making it more prone to infection. Ear buds can also pick up material from an outer ear infection and transfer it into the inner...

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Pod Jams iDiddy fashion covers with iLanyard for iPod nano

The Pod Jams iDiddy fashion covers for the iPod nano come in two styles: Clear and Bling. Clear, as you might imagine, allows the true beauty of the nano to shine through while still protecting it in plastic. Bling (pictured) steps up the flashy style by encasing your nano in a diamond-like sparklin...

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Apple Wireless Earbuds?

We're not really quite sure what this means, but it could be a clue as to what Jobs and Co. have up their sleeves for MacWorld Expo in two weeks. A TUAW reader visited the Apple Store in Japan recently and found the employees all wearing maroon T-shirts with the slogan, "Luck is in the Air"...

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