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These $14.5k gold earbuds will go great with your gold iPhone 5s

So you stood outside all night to be the first person in line at your local Apple Store just to get your hands on a gold iPhone 5s. Or maybe you dropped upwards of a thousand dollars on eBay because you couldn't track down a gilded Apple smartphone yourself. Either way, these 18-carat gold earbuds...

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Review: RHA's new MA750i in-ear, noise isolating headphones

A few weeks ago, RHA announced its new MA750i headphones (US$129.95). Last week I received a sample unit and have been testing them since. Having previously been really impressed with the MA150 and MA450i earphones and the SA950i on-ear headphones, I had high expectations for the Glasgow-based com...

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RHA announces two new premium iOS-compatible earphones

RHA, the Glasgow-based makers of high-quality earphones and over-ear headphones, has added two new, premium earphone models to their in-ear line-up, the MA600i and MA750i (pictured above). TUAW's reviewed RHA's MA150 and MA450 earphones and the SA950i on-ear headphones in the past, and the result...

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Baby squirrel goes nuts for Apple earphones

Apple's new EarPods are great, but what are we supposed to do with our old, "standard" Apple earphones? Feed them to a squirrel, apparently! As spotted by Tastefully Offensive, YouTube user Shimi777 not only appears to have an adorable baby squirrel running around his/her office, but also a spa...

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RHA MA450i noise isolating earphones a great alternative to new EarPods

To be sure, I'm not an audiophile, but I am discerning enough to know what headphones sound better than the ones I'm used to. I'm not a big fan of the new EarPods Apple released last month. While they are an improvement over the old earbuds, I've recently found a pair of earphones I like a lot ...

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AIRbudz: A safer way to listen to your tunes

While the world seems to be beating a path to the door of manufacturers of noise-canceling earphones, inventor Tammy Erdel has a much better idea that could save some lives. AIRbudz replace the removable earbuds on your favorite set of earphones and allow the sound around you to mix with the ...

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TUAW earphone throwdown: Altec Lansing Muzx Ultra vs. Scosche IDR655m

When it comes to listening to music, watching movies on the run, or even making phone calls, the earphones you use on your iDevice make a difference. Apple's iconic white earbuds are everywhere, and the inline remote control and mic can be used on every iPhone, iPod, and iPad to some extent, althoug...

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Apple launches Headphones with Remote Replacement Program

Apple has launched a replacement program for third-generation iPod shuffle headphones with remote controls that exhibit performance problems. The symptoms of the issues, which have led to some lengthy discussions in Apple's Support Forum, include controls that are non-responsive or work intermittent...

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Your headphones' mic not working? Don't sweat it.

While I love the functionality of Apple's microphone-enabled headphones (both the Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic, which comes with the iPhone 3G S, and the iPhone Stereo Headset, which came with previous iPhones), I've found that the extra layers of functionality also bring extra layers of trou...

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Ultimate Buds Apple-Etymotic ER-6i iPhone Earphones

I'm pleased to report that I am no longer the odd man out at TUAW. That's right, I finally got around to buying an iPhone. Overall my iPhone experience has been fairly good, but I've been spoiled in the earphone department. Some might recall that I sat down with iLounge's Jeremy Horwitz I asked him ...

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Cheap headphone adapter for iPhone

The iPhone headphone jack with its super narrow opening is so recessed that most people simply can't use their personal headphones. The jack is too narrow, their plugs won't fit. Fortunately, Derek K. Miller has found a solution. The iPod Shuffle Sports Case ships with an adapter cable with an ext...

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Macworld 2007 Show Floor Showoff: Etymotics

During my interview with Jeremy Horwitz, Editor of iLounge, I asked him what headphones he would recommend to replace the Apple supplied earbuds that come with an iPod. Without missing a beat he said the Er6is from Etymoic Research. I had to find out what made these headphones so good, so I headed ...

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