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Did you know that the iPhone 2G is a collector's item?

When it comes to mobile gadgets, most tech junkies only care about the latest and greatest. If it's not cutting-edge, you might as well not bother, right? Well, not quite. It seems that the original, non-3G iPhone (commonly referred to as the iPhone 2G) has risen sharply in value after becoming ob...

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iPhone 101: What is an ESN and how can it go bad?

Getting your older iPhone ready to sell on eBay? You might notice listings that advertise good ESN and bad ones. Just what are those? An ESN is the electronic serial number assigned to your iPhone and is used with CDMA phones instead of SIM cards. There are several good guides through eBay about ...

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iOS-only Boxes app adds eBay support, private and public boxes, and barcode scanner

If you're a collector, there comes a time when you have to face the sad reality that part of collecting is keeping track of your collection, and selling off the excess. Boxes is an iOS-exclusive app that does just that, offering a powerful cataloging tool with photos that allows you to document and...

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EBay Deals ranks top tablets based on how you feel about them

In an attempt to further educate would-be tablet buyers on which tablets carry the most weight with consumers, EBay Deals has taken a rather exhaustive look at a variety of different social and retail metrics. As you can imagine, the iPad's dominant market share made the contest rather one-sided i...

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Dollar Store Accessories: the iPhone Stylus

Today's Dollar Store accessory find is a stylus /pen that, according to the rather prominent advertising on the box is "compatible with cell phones, tablets." It is neither a great pen nor a great stylus, but (and this is important, given the one dollar price point) it is a good example of both. ...

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eBay debuts 'Exact' for iOS, a store for 3D-printed objects

I'd guess that 3D printing will go from something hobbyists use to a standard way many of us get the products we want within the next five to 10 years. With that in mind, eBay has launched a new app called Exact that allows users to shop for and customize 3D printed products. From Exact's app desc...

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Study: iPhone retains value better than top Galaxy models

The next time your Samsung Galaxy-toting friends try to annoy you, here's a piece of information you can throw back at them. According to a study published yesterday by investment bank Piper Jaffray, iPhones depreciate at less than half the rate of similar Android devices from Samsung. Analyst Ge...

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Tweetwall rebuilt, new iPad app available

Tweetwall is a company that provides Twitter displays for events, allowing companies to show guests the live Twitter chatter about their events. Their clients have included CNN, Yahoo, Intel, PayPal, Microsoft, eBay, the Obama campaign and the Webby Awards. Now Tweetwall has launched a rebuilt ver...

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eBay app gets welcome update, now easier to list and check out

eBay has updated its iOS app with new features for sellers and buyers alike. Version 2.7 improves category, pricing and shipping guidance as well as its photo editing tools. This is a major plus since a good photo is a big key to getting people to bid on your listing. Seller-side updates incl...

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eBay removing ads from its mobile apps in 2013

While you're busy making your list of New Year's resolutions, eBay has gone ahead and made one of its own. The online auction site has decided to stop displaying advertisements within its mobile apps at some point in 2013, citing its own unhappiness with the experience users are having with the...

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eBay opens refurbished Apple products section

There's a new alternative online if you're in the market for refurbished Apple computers and mobile devices. Auction mega-site eBay has launched a section devoted entirely to like-new MacBooks, iPads and iPods, the not-so-catchily named Apple Certified Refurbished Products Store. On the store...

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More iPhone and iPad trade-in suggestions

After posting about Apple's PowerON partnership for trade-ins, I was contacted by several parties who hoped I could give their services a mention (all prices are USD). Sarah Hahn of Allison PR represents Glyde, a service she says pays out up to $460 for a 64GB 4S versus the max $345 available th...

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Rare Newton-based Siemens NotePhone up for grabs on eBay

Anyone with a museum of rare Apple antiquities should head over to eBay, where an extremely rare Siemens NotePhone is on sale. As noted by the seller "yennyman," the NotePhone was sold in Europe in 1994 for a very short time. The NotePhone was essentially a modular speakerphone for office use...

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Rare iPhone prototype lands on eBay

Spotted on eBay by 9to5Mac is a rare iPhone 4 prototype that's running Apple's Switchboard testing software. The device looks just like an iPhone 4 with a few modifications. Noticeably absent are the two screws at the bottom of the device, the +/- on the volume buttons and the Apple logo. There...

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Daily Update for August 6, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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