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Mirror-enabled videoconferencing on the iPhone

The iPhone application community continues to amaze me-- this time, Engadget's got the heads up on an iPhone video conferencing system, made possible by not only a cool little piece of code (designed for a C4 contest) that fetches an iPhone's camera input and feeds it out to another iPhone via a w...

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Ecamm brings iPhone disk storage

Yesterday, ecamm introduced iPhoneDrive, a utility that lets you use your iPhone disk to store arbitrary data files. I downloaded a copy and after a quick false start and a software update that addressed compatibility issues with my PowerPC G4, I was able to load files onto and recover them from my...

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Huckleberry turns your iSight world around

Perhaps, at some sort of Mac geek gathering, you have witnessed the maneuver I call "the HighSight." This dance sensation is characterized by the hoisting of an iSight-enabled laptop into the air, lens towards the crowd, to capture a short video or a quick PhotoBooth still. Adding to the degree of d...

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