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Favorite Blog client

The Apple Blog wants to know what your favorite blog client is. I have made no effort to hide the fact that I enjoy using MarsEdit for a number of reasons. It is fast, the UI is well thought out, and it just gets out of your way. Ecto, for  my money, has a tendency to over power you with the nu...

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20% discount on Ecto

There's plenty of us here at TUAW who are big Ecto fans for our personal blogging needs, so I thought any of you TUAW readers nodding your heads in agreement might want to know that Ecto is going on sale. Between Dec. 23-26, the developers of Ecto are offering a whopping 20% discount off the regular...

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ecto for Mac OS X 2.3

ecto has just been updated to version 2.3, which is a free upgrade.  Tiger is a definite influence in this release, and so gone are the drawers that were previously used in the interface. They have been replaced with 'panels' that Tiger applications seem to favor.That's not the only change thou...

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