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Best iPhone cellular plan... ever?

I like to joke that "Iowa is a great place to live, but I wouldn't want to visit." Residents often complain that there's nothing to do (other than milk cows and shuck corn). One can only stand so much antiquing. But we do have a few things going for us: clean air, relatively light traffic, lots of ...

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Jason Rohrer on going from indie to the App Store

We covered Jason Rohrer's Primrose when it first came out -- the creator of Passage, a critically-acclaimed indie game, had taken his first steps onto the iPhone with an abstract puzzle game, and in this latest interview with Edge, Rohrer says he's on the iPhone to stay. He says that when he first m...

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AudioBoo lets you broadcast audio directly from the iPhone

Back when we looked at Radar, a photosharing site with an accompanying iPhone app, I mentioned that while Twitter had monopolized the "text exporting" function from your iPhone, there would be a slew of companies to try and grab the rest of the media you want to broadcast. Radar, I said, wanted to b...

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Palm Pre takes aim at iPhone, launches days before WWDC

In a shot across the iPhone's bow, Palm is launching its new Palm Pre smartphone the weekend before Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference. This means any iPhone announcements at WWDC will be undoubtedly compared to Palm's new platform. The Pre handset will cost $200 after a $100 mail-in rebate, and...

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Edge (the game) coming to the iPhone next week

No, not the Edge network from AT&T, but a rather unique app from Mobigame that uses the motion sensors of the iPhone and some powerful animations to make for a unique gaming experience. Looking a bit like something out of the movie Tron, Edge allows you to control a cube through several hazardou...

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3G iPhone Data Poll: How much data have you used?

After the iPhone debuted, I posted this poll on TUAW, where I first got a sense of how much data YouTube videos and Mobile Safari web pages were pulling down through the network. We're now about two months into iPhone 3G and I thought I'd repeat the exercise. How much data are you using on that 3G i...

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AT&T: East coast iPhone data issues solved

Earlier today, many iPhone owners on the east coast (including yours truly) were experiencing data problems with AT&T. Specifically, my data transfer all but disappeared, including web and email, over EDGE. The weird part was that my iPhone was reporting a strong signal. It seems I wasn't alone....

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Rumor: Apple and AT&T working on tethering deal

A few weeks back on the Talkcast, we had an interesting little discussion about just where Apple's boundaries were on the App Store -- so far, you really only get kicked off if you charge too much, if your apps vibrate wrong, or if you steal someone's copyright. Oh, and there's that one more littl...

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Wired iPhone reception survey results

Wired has published the results of the iPhone reception survey they were running, and clearly Antarctica needs way more coverage. But they also pulled a lot of useful data out of places where people actually live, and it probably doesn't surprise you. 3G performance is slow almost all over, espec...

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Flixwagon offers streaming video service for iPhone 3G

Not to be outdone by Qik, Flixwagon started offering their live streaming client for the iPhone 3G/2G this week. Flixwagon offers streaming video over WiFi or over the cellular data connection. In addition, the application offers 12 frames-per-second video. The company claims that they have very fas...

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Grandialer, an iPhone app for GrandCentral

If you are one of the lucky ones who got in on the GrandCentral beta, then you might be interested in a new iPhone app that integrates with the GrandCentral service. Grandialer (iTunes link) allows you to use your iPhone to call people using your GrandCentral telephone number. The service can be us...

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TUAW Faceoff: Pandora vs. AOL Radio

When the App Store first launched last Thursday, I saw Pandora and AOL Radio and immediately wondered if they would work on my first generation iPhone using EDGE. The quick answer is yes, however, you do make some sacrifices in one of the applications. Read my full review below to get the full detai...

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EDGE and 3G and tripping down memory lane

My relationship with my iPhone hasn't been an easy one. On the one hand, it's an absolutely brilliant platform -- I just love programming for it. On the other hand it's a money hole. To keep it legit, I'm forking over a wad of cash each month to AT&T and from there on to Apple (not to mention th...

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iTunes store over EDGE

Alex at (Germany) tipped us off to a simple "hack" they discovered while doing speed tests between EDGE and WiFi. It involves creating an ad hoc network with your computer or a hotspot and changing the default route of the network to point to the IP address of your EDGE connection. Acc...

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3G or not 3G: WHERE is the question

With all of the excitement about the 3G iPhone, one question you should ask yourself is "Am I actually in an area with AT&T HSDPA 3G service?" After all, a 3G iPhone will only poke along at EDGE (or even, God forbid, GPRS) speeds unless it is in a 3G service area. Fortunately, AT&T Wire...

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