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Packrat can now edit Backpack notes, too

I don't mean to post an update every time the developer of Packrat sneezes, but this one is for those anxiously waiting for editing functionality (including when offline) with their Backpack account. I just noticed on Packrat's product page that the feature list now says: "New: edit your lists and ...

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ChocoFlop - powerful image editing

Even as an alpha image editor, I think it's safe to dub ChocoFlop a true "poor man's Photoshop." It offers layers, real-time preview of filters and effects (of which there are many), a slew of selection tools, blending modes, masks, color adjusting and a whole bunch of file formats it can...

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Packrat 0.8 - edit Backpack lists, display images

In mid-April, Rod Schmidt asked for feedback as to whether he should release editing features in Packrat, his Backpack syncing client, as he develops them. From what I saw, the response was largely in favor of doing so, and yesterday Rod announced on his blog that Packrat 0.8 has taken the first ste...

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Folder Icon X 3.0

If default icons just aren't doing it for you anymore, Folder Icon X might be just the tool you need to add your own touch. As the app's name suggests, Folder Icon X is a one-trick (though feature-rich) pony that allows you to add other icons and images to standard folder and file icons to imbue th...

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Help shape Packrat's development

The author of Packrat, the app that lets you download your Backpack information for offline viewing, is requesting feedback on his blog as to Packrat's development. Specifically, he's working on adding editing features to Packrat, and he's wondering whether users would like to see the app released w...

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Transmit 3.5 - where have you been all my life?

Last month Dave Caolo mentioned that Transmit updated to v3.5, went universal and added droplets, amongst other things like Growl support. While I'm sure droplets aren't a new concept by any means, these handy little DnD (drag-n-drop) extras that can perform all sorts of tasks seem to be all the rag...

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iLife 06 Tip: Edit iWeb sites on more than one Mac

I've been poking around in iWeb to create a wedding site for my fiance and I. While I really like the app, I share one of the big peeves around the web: sites created in it are only edit-able on the originating Mac. Thankfully, MacOSXHints has come to the rescue again, with a fairly simple method fo...

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Take control of your Services menu with Service Scrubber

Service Scrubber is one of those "great idea!" apps that should have been built into OS X since day 1: it lets you easily edit and customize the Services menu. Offering a simple UI, you are presented with a list of all the apps that have services installed, and you're able to toggle each o...

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Give your .Mac aliases a name

I love my .Mac aliases, but Apple really dropped the ball on allowing users to add unique names to each alias in By default, a message from a .Mac alias doesn't have a sender name or anything - the sender is simply the alias itself; kinda ugly if you ask me. Fortunately, MacOSXHints has do...

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