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Tag: editorial

iPad: Investors shouldn't think short-term

No doubt about it, Apple stock has been on a wild ride since yesterday's iPad announcement. Investors were hoping Apple would deliver big, and while many Wall Street analysts believe they hit a home run – thanks in large part to not just the technology, but the price point of the device...

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iPad vs. Kindle: Which way to go?

In my post yesterday I touched on the likely long faces at Amazon H.Q. in Seattle. The iPad is something I'm sure they wished hadn't happened, but of course it did, and I thought I'd take a closer look at the competition between the Amazon and Apple devices. First off, if you were thinking of...

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Is Jobs looking to overhaul education with the tablet?

TechCrunch is reporting that Steve Jobs has been heard saying that the Apple tablet will "be the most important thing I've ever done." We haven't heard this first hand, but we've heard it multiple times second and third hand from completely independent sources. Senior Apple execs and friends of...

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$100,000 prototype laptop stolen from Apple's campus in 2009?

Zirana, a startup company with the goal to make "a one stop shop for all local information" for "residents of small and medium sized towns all across the world," including Cupertino, is reporting that a prototype laptop was stolen from Apple's campus sometime in 2009: Trade Secret...

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Time for a Mac App Store?

Way back in June of 2007, I wrote this post, a list of five things Apple could do to bring gamers back to the Mac. I said that Apple should put more games on iTunes, break out the gaming hardware, go casual, and make the experience worth it, from buying to download to playing. Now, a year and a...

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