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High school students raise thousands of dollars repairing, selling old MacBooks

One of the best things about owning Macs is that they hold resale value far longer than many of their competitors. Students at South Portland High School took advantage of that fact, repairing the district's lot of broken MacBooks and raising thousands of dollars in the process. After converting...

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PBS launches PBS KIDS Super Vision app to help parents engage with kids

PBS has launched a special iOS-based tool to help parents keep up to date with what PBS programs their kids are watching on Once parents have connected their iOS device to the website, they'll be able to monitor the content their children are watching, playing, and learning from. In...

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D-Day Hour by Hour for iPad

With the 70th Anniversary of D-Day approaching on June 6, we are seeing some interesting apps that commemorate Western Europe's liberation from Nazi troops. A case in point is D-Day Hour by Hour, a US$4.99 app that lets you explore maps, articles, audio interviews and newsreel videos. The iPad app...

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NTT DOCOMO to get iPad Air, mini and more news for May 28, 2014

The iPad is in the news twice this morning, plus an app update from the BBC. Finally! Japanese carrier NTT DOCOMO is scheduled to get the iPad Air and Retina iPad mini on June 10, according to a press release from Apple. As of June 2, customers can pre-register for an iPad Air or a Retina iPad...

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Daily App: Stack the States is a must-have educational game that quizzes you on US Geography

Stack the States by Freecloud Design is a geography game that makes learning about the 50 states fun for children and adults. The app quizzes you on a variety of information about the states including capitals, borders, flags and notable landmarks. The main part of the game challenges you to...

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JibJab's StoryBots will hook kids and their parents too

2004 was the year the iPod Mini made its debut, along with the 4th generation iPod and iPod Photo. Apple sold its 200 millionth song through the iTunes Store, and the iMac G5 was introduced. Macs were running OS X Panther. And in July 2004, leading up to the presidential election between George...

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Numerical for iOS rethinks the calculator

The Apple calculator in iOS and OS X have remained pretty much unchanged since both were released. They work fine, but the Numerical calculator for iOS (free for a limited time) takes cues from the iOS 7 design language and adds some features that are terrific, but might take some getting used...

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In 1995 Apple made some promises to educators about the future of technology. Here's what they got right.

Dreaming is what technology companies are supposed to do. They think about the future, and then build it. In 1995, Apple was looking at the world ahead and released a promotional video to educators laying out its vision for how students would be learning one day. It's been 19 years since this...

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Daily App: BugDrug is a visual cheat sheet for prescribing antibiotics

BugDrug was created as a cheat sheet for medical students and residents who needed a handy resource on prescribing antibiotics. The app is designed to help physicians-in-training learn which antibiotics are effective against which pathogenic bacteria. BugDrug uses a pie chart to display common...

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Daily App: Slice Fractions helps your child visualize fractions in a puzzling way

Slice Fractions is a new learning game from Ululab that was designed in collaboration with a team of learning experts from the University of Quebec in Montreal. As its name implies, the app focuses on fractions and presents the math concept in a series of slicing puzzles that are part Cut the...

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Coursera lets you learn on the go with new iPhone app

Coursera debuted its iPhone app on Tuesday, bringing more than 500 free courses to mobile devices for the first time. Coursera is an up-and-coming online learning platform known for its MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course). These courses are open to thousands of students at once and foster...

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Play-i meets million dollar stretch goal for its educational robots and adds smartphone mount to all pre-orders

We recently covered Play-i, a company building learning robots designed to teach children as young as 5 the basics of programming in a fun, interactive way. Using a touchscreen device, children can program the bots to play, talk and interact with the world. With just a little over one day left in...

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Five iOS apps to help you get educated online

In our connected world, there are a growing number of sites and services that you can use to get an education online. Here are five resources that have iOS apps, so your learning doesn't have to slow you down. iTunesU [iOS Universal; Free] iTunesU is Apple's educational resource. The app gives...

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Play-i uses adorable robots to teach children programming, and it might be the future of educational play

This past May we reported about Play-i, a startup by former Google and Apple employees that was seeking to make programmable educational robots for children. The robots would teach children as young as five years old how to code, with a scaling difficulty that would teach kids new programming...

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The Comet ISON app will help you find and travel along with our space visitor

The comet ISON is currently barreling toward the sun with a close solar encounter due on November 28. It's currently visible in our morning skies, but will become a night-time sight in a few months if it survives the close approach to the sun. Comets are notoriously unreliable. When Halley's comet...

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