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Asustek chairman has "secret weapon" to compete with iPad 2

The chairman of Eee PC netbook maker Asustek Computer Jonney Shih is claiming to have a "secret weapon" to help his company compete with the iPad 2 when it is released in a few months. As reported by PCWorld, Shih recently talked with IDG News Service about the future of Eee PC netbooks, but he play...

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Asus is selling fewer netbooks because of the iPad

At an investor's conference in Taipai this week, Asus CEO Jerry Shen announced reduced sales forcasts for the popular Eee PC line of netbooks. Why? Because people are buying iPads instead. Digitimes reports that Eee sales fell from 1.6m units in Q1, to 1.5m in Q2, and are now expected to be 1.4m ...

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eeeMac creator tells you how to do it yourself

A little while ago, we posted about Gregory Cohen's eeeMac -- he modded an eeePC into an OS X-running ultraportable, including adding a little Apple icon on the back. And now, he's posted how he did it all on a blog, so that if you've got a few Saturday afternoons, an eeePC to destroy, and a big i...

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eeeMac runs OS X on an even smaller portable than the Air

I've heard some great things about the tiny little eeePC, but this is the best thing I've heard so far: it can be a Mac. Twitterer Gregory Cohen has pictures on Picasa of his completed eeeMac, an eeePC transformed (perhaps in similar fashion to this previous attempt -- details please, Gregory) int...

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OS X on an Asus Eee PC

Okay let me start by saying that we at TUAW don't actually condone this hack, because it does clearly break some licensing restrictions, but dang it's pretty cool nonetheless. The interwebs have been abuzz the last couple of weeks about the Asus Eee PC. It's a tiny 2lb Linux-based sub-notebook with ...

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