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Tag: electronic arts

TUAW's Daily App: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Much like all of that snow outside your door, the App Store's top lists are currently frozen -- Apple will release what's in the top spots on the marketplace tomorrow (after the holiday), but until then, everything's staying exactly where it is. While we haven't seen a lot of numbers just yet, it's...

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Electronic Arts selling huge number of iOS games for 99 cents

The holiday is a time for giving, and Electronic Arts (EA Mobile, specifically) wants to give you a huge pile of iOS games for just US$0.99. It's the EA Holiday Sale, and with the number of titles available, you're sure to find one you like. TouchArcade has the full list, but here are a few of th...

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SimCity Deluxe for iPad, Risk for iPad out today from EA

First mentioned back in October, Electronic Arts has finally released SimCity Deluxe for iPad, and oh my, how far we have come from the original SimCity game, which came out in 1989. Available for the first time on the iPad, SimCity Deluxe allows players to act as Mayor and City Planner to build and...

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EA Mobile announces fall iOS game lineup

If you've been waiting for SimCity to make its way to iPad/HD format, you don't have much longer to wait. EA Mobile has recently announced its game release slate for the rest of fall 2010. Along with FIFA 11, EA Sports NBA Elite 11, and others, the company will be releasing the iPad-specific SimC...

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Mirror's Edge coming to the Mac later this year

A mobile version of the first-person platform game Mirror's Edge is already available for the iPad and iPhone, but the original version hasn't made it to the Mac... yet. Court documents from a lawsuit filed against Electronic Arts by Edge Games state that "a Mac version of the original 'Mirror's Edg...

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TUAW's Daily App: Mirror's Edge

Usually, we like to use this space to highlight developers and apps that could use a little more exposure, not call out big-budget titles from developers like Electronic Arts. But this one's worth it -- Mirror's Edge is a pretty terrific, completely original translation of the plaforming game that ...

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Riskternatives: Conquist and Strategery

I looked at two world conquest-style games that follow from the original Risk board game: Strategy and Conquist. Admittedly, I'm not a big Risk fan. I much prefer games that involve more building and planning and less random dice rolling. With that confession on the table, I did find that both ga...

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Vintage Apple books and software

Mad props to my parents for keeping our basement an Apple museum! Aside from a pristine Apple //c (with monochrome monitor), vintage Apple ][ ,and Mac SE/30 (with a color monitor card) they kept most if not all of our Mac and Apple programming books from my youth. A few games even survived, althou...

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EA to release four new iPod games

LC Angell over at iLounge has discovered that EA plans to release four new iPod games this year. He links to this SeekingAlpha transcript of EA's recent Q4 07 Financials conference call. In the transcript, EA's Warren C Jenson actually mentions five games intended for cellular handsets including on...

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EA Soundtracks to hit iTunes

If you're not getting enough of the gaming experience by, you know, actually playing games, you can now load up your iPod with tracks from your favorite Electronic Arts games like Def Jam Icon, SSX 3, Need for Speed Underground 2 and Burnout: Dominator. Because apparently you can never have enough ...

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