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TUAW's Daily App: Mirror's Edge

Usually, we like to use this space to highlight developers and apps that could use a little more exposure, not call out big-budget titles from developers like Electronic Arts. But this one's worth it -- Mirror's Edge is a pretty terrific, completely original translation of the plaforming game that ...

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Riskternatives: Conquist and Strategery

I looked at two world conquest-style games that follow from the original Risk board game: Strategy and Conquist. Admittedly, I'm not a big Risk fan. I much prefer games that involve more building and planning and less random dice rolling. With that confession on the table, I did find that both ga...

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EA to lay off 1500 workers, close some facilities

Large-scale layoffs have been hitting everywhere in the past year, and Electronic Arts is now no different: according to Gamasutra, the game publisher announced today that it will lay off 1,500 workers by April 2010, after posting a year-to-year decrease in revenue and a net loss of $391 million. ...

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Madden, Tiger Woods '08 now available on Apple Store

As a couple of you astute readers have noticed (thanks!), Madden NFL '08 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour '08 are now available on the Apple Store, just a little over a month after they were released for PC and consoles last August. A month isn't too bad for Mac ports-- at least the football season is sti...

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Vintage Apple books and software

Mad props to my parents for keeping our basement an Apple museum! Aside from a pristine Apple //c (with monochrome monitor), vintage Apple ][ ,and Mac SE/30 (with a color monitor card) they kept most if not all of our Mac and Apple programming books from my youth. A few games even survived, althou...

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EA selling games in the Apple Store

As many of you pointed out over the weekend (thanks, everybody!), EA must be big fans of TUAW-- we called them out on Thursday for not catering to the Mac as they'd promised, and on Friday they dropped a press release that the exact four games we'd called MIA were now available in the Apple Store (a...

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EA to release four new iPod games

LC Angell over at iLounge has discovered that EA plans to release four new iPod games this year. He links to this SeekingAlpha transcript of EA's recent Q4 07 Financials conference call. In the transcript, EA's Warren C Jenson actually mentions five games intended for cellular handsets including on...

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EA Soundtracks to hit iTunes

If you're not getting enough of the gaming experience by, you know, actually playing games, you can now load up your iPod with tracks from your favorite Electronic Arts games like Def Jam Icon, SSX 3, Need for Speed Underground 2 and Burnout: Dominator. Because apparently you can never have enough ...

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