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EMI sees boost in sales thanks to iTunes Plus

Macworld UK reports that EMI is seeing an uptick in purchases from iTunes since iTunes Plus was introduced. For instance, sales of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon [iTunes Link] have increased 350% (we all know hippies don't like DRM. I kid, I kid). The real question is whether the uptick in purch...

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iTunes Plus Challenge

Wow. After all that fuss, it turns out that I don't own a single upgradable EMI track. My cost for bringing my library out of the dark ages and into the brave new DRM-free world? Nothing. At least that's nothing until I go out and buy a $1.29 track later this morning so I can play with the data file...

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iTunes 7.2 Gallery

If you're stuck at work and can't get away to take a peek at the new iTunes 7.2 update, we've put together this handy gallery of screen shots showing you the new 7.2 features. In iTunes 7.2, you'll find a new link to iTunes Plus in the iTunes Quick Links. Select it and iTunes will prompt you to upd...

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iTunes Plus debuts DRM-free music

At TUAW we've been following the DRM-free EMI track deal for some time. We're delighted to announce that these tracks will finally available for sale over at the iTunes Store later today (Apple announced they are available, but not in my copy of iTunes at the moment). DRM-free tracks will cost you...

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Beatles settle with EMI -- is iTunes next?

Another hurdle on the way to an eventual Beatles-on-iTunes debut has been cleared. Today, ContactMusic reported that Apple Corps has settled with EMI over unpaid royalties. Apparently, this ongoing dispute has been one of the issues that has blocked online digital distribution of Beatles tracks. Th...

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HOWTO: Another way to find EMI songs on your computer

You might have read Dave's writeup of Mac OS X Hint's terminal tip for locating EMI songs using mdifind. I tried it out myself but I just couldn't get it to work. So I thought I'd give you a far easier way to accomplish the same thing. In Finder, select File -> Find (Command-F). Select "Other..."...

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Quickly find your EMI music

Last week we asked if you will upgrade the EMI tracks you currently own to the new DRM-free versions when they become available in iTunes next month. Just over 2,500 of you said you would, so now the question becomes: How do I easily find my EMI music? MacOSXHints has the answer. Just launch Termina...

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Is a Microsoft/EMI deal on the horizon?

Now that Apple has penned a deal to open up EMI songs, will Microsoft be next? The Times Online writes that Microsoft has hinted that it may follow the Apple model and sell EMI songs at Zune Marketplace without DRM. No deals are signed or announced yet, but an EMI spokesman said that negotiations wi...

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Poll Results: Updating your iTunes Music

The results are in! When Apple announced that users will be able to upgrade some of their music to higher bitrate, DRM-free files for $0.30 each, we asked, will you be making the upgrade? Sixty four percent of the 3,951 readers who responded said, "Yes," and the remaining thirty six percent - 1,408...

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Will iTunes truly support interoperability?

Earlier this week, Apple and EMI broke some serious ground in the digital music industry by announcing DRM-free music across the entirety of EMI's catalog, beginning with the iTunes Store. In the conference call, Steve Jobs cited interoperability as a key reason for the move; songs downloaded from t...

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TUAW Poll: Will you upgrade your iTunes music?

Now that Apple and EMI have announced the pending availability of DRM-free music, we're wondering if you're going to upgrade your music. When the new downloads become available in iTunes this May, you'll be able to "upgrade" the EMI music you already own by spending an extra $0.30US per track. Yest...

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EMI DRM free tracks on iTunes: Pricing, and upgrading

As Dave posted, EMI is offering their entire catalog of music sans DRM. This is a great move for customers. Many people commented last night that it isn't the DRM that bothers them with iTunes downloads, but rather the lower bitrate of the songs. It would seem that EMI is going to be addressing that...

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It's official: DRM-free music from EMI

Beatles fans, it looks like the wait is still on. Engadet is live blogging the Steve Jobs/EMI press event in London today, and they've just mentioned the official press release from EMI which reads, in part: "EMI Music launches DRM-free superior sound quality downloads across its entire digital repe...

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EMI to say goodbye to DRM?

Early today we posted about tomorrow's EMI press conference in London featuring the one and only Steve Jobs. May people thought this could mean that the Beatles music catalog would be coming to the iTunes store. While this would be interesting, the Wall Street Journal reports that EMI is doing somet...

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EMI/Apple press event on Monday

Could this be the introduction of Beatles music in the iTunes Store? According to the BBC, Apple sent a notice to certain members of the press on Sunday (except TUAW, for some strange reason) inviting them to a press event in London for this Monday. Expected to attend are Steve Jobs, EMI representat...

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