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Apple giving employees extra paid time off this Thanksgiving for a job well done

Apple is on a roll. Mac sales are higher than ever, the iPad owns the tablet market, and the company just sold one million iPhones in 24 hours. In honor of all that Apple has achieved this year, the company is giving its employees some extra time off this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. As first...

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Gameloft accused of overworking employees

A former head programmer for mobile and iOS developer Gameloft has made some pretty damning accusations against the company in a complaint. Glenn Watson says that he was made to work over 100 hours a week sometimes, and that "it was after I worked four consecutive weeks of fourteen-hour days - ...

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Rumor: Apple planning something in stores for retail anniversary

Just this morning we were hearing rumors that Apple was planning some sort of event for this weekend's retail anniversary, and now BGR has heard that there's a flurry of activity behind the counter at Apple Stores. There are some overnight shifts planned for this weekend, black curtains to go u...

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Microsoft and Nokia team up to fight Apple and Android

Nokia has thrown in with Windows Phone 7 to try and have some impact in the smartphone universe. Steven Elop, a former Microsoft executive and now CEO of Nokia, made the announcement today in London. Reactions are mixed, of course, but Nokia stock has taken a beating, and about 1,000 Nokia employees...

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Rumor: Apple retail app to offer "check-ins," connect employees and customers

MacStories has heard an interesting rumor: that Apple's recent work in location-based networking and "check-in" software will be used inside of Apple's retail stores, specifically to provide better service from employees there. Not a lot is known yet (and MacStories doesn't reveal the source of the...

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Apple, others talking to DoJ about anti-poaching agreement

Apple, Google, Pixar, Intel, and a few other companies are currently in talks with the Department of Justice about an alleged anti-poaching agreement, according to sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal. The government is considering accusing the companies of agreeing to not hire each others' e...

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Another death at Foxconn, CEO makes statement

Looks like Foxconn's troubles are far from over -- hiring an exorcist must not have worked, because another worker jumped to their death last week. That's the 10th such employee death at the plant where many of Apple's parts are manufactured. Foxconn's CEO made a statement earlier this week saying t...

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No vacations in June for AT&T employees

Boy Genius has the news that AT&T has blacked out the month of June for employee vacations in their stores. In the past, they've done exactly that when, oh, say, a brand new iPhone launches. So it's possible that we could see a new iPhone out and ready to go even before it's expected in July of...

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Incoming, outgoing Apple employees

A few Apple employees played some musical chairs this week. Executive Pablo Calamera, who was in charge of MobileMe while at Apple, is off to work as the CTO of Thumbplay, a company that peddles ringtones and music to mobile devices. HR shouldn't have to change the big "35,000 employed worldwide...

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Former Apple engineer: FingerWorks may be a part of the tablet

The New York Times is the latest big source of tablet rumors today, and they went way back for the latest stab in the dark. All the way back to 2005, when Apple purchased a little company called FingerWorks, known for their work with gesture recognition on a multitouch interface like the Touchstrea...

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Microsoft's new retail hiring policy: shop at Apple

If you're an Apple retail employee, you might want to keep an eye out for coy glances across the Genius Bar or little notes emailed to your iPhone -- someone may be trying to offer you a job. Word comes via The Loop, citing anonymous sources, that Microsoft's ramp-up process to launching its new lin...

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Apple's new strategy for hiring retail employees

If you've ever been to an Apple store, then you know how friendly and helpful the staff are. If you are the friendly type of retail employee in the vicinity of an Apple store, be on the lookout for recruiters from the fruity company. MacNN reports Apple recruiters have come up with a new strategy fo...

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Flickr Find: Lehigh Valley Apple Store grand opening

The Lehigh Valley Apple Store opened its doors yesterday in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, and TUAW readers were there with cameras in hand. Mike Hoff sent a whole flickr set of pics from the event, including pics of those trendy geniuses, and all the blessed souls who made the journey to stand in the a...

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Apple employees are receiving their iPhones

We've heard from a source inside an Apple Store (thanks!) that the free iPhones promised to every yearlong Apple employee have started to appear. If you know one, now is the time to offer to take them out for ice cream. And, you know, if they need someone to hold their new iPhone while they finish o...

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