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Tag: emulation

Transgaming makes deal with Ubisoft

First EA, and now gaming giant Ubisoft has inked a deal with Transgaming to wrap their titles in Cider and port them over to the Mac. Which seems like great news -- Ubisoft has a huge number of quality titles, and bringing those to the Mac must be great for gamers who appreciate a better operating s...

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StyleTap officially bringing Palm emulator to the iPhone / iPod touch

Way back in February we posted on an experimental Palm emulator for the iPhone & iPod touch from StyleTap. At the time, they insisted that they were making no commitment whatsoever to release it as a product. Well, apparently they've gotten over their cold feet as StyleTap has announced their in...

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Palm emulation for iPhone/iPod touch demonstrated

StyleTap produces software for Windows Mobile devices that allows them to run Palm OS applications. Now they've apparently produced an experimental build of the CrossPlatform Palm emulator for the iPhone / iPod touch, as you can see above. StyleTap makes clear that this is "NOT a product, nor is it...

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GameBoy App for iPhone released

A group of iPhone hackers has just released version 0.0.5 of gpSPhone. gpSPhone is a GameBoy Advanced emulator for iPhone. As with all first releases, it's still a bit on the iffy side. Although "many games are playable", sound output is pretty awful and the GUI and instructions are being worked on...

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Apple TV gets RSS plugin, game emulation and $1000 bounty for external media drive support

Oh it's on now. Engadget posted some more juicy bits for those thirsty to hack their Apple TV to do everything from read RSS to solving the holy grail of complaints: support for using an external USB drive as the media drive, thereby circumventing the limit of the device's pathetic 40GB drive. First...

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Damien found SheepShaver last February, and at the time this PowerPC emulation environment (great for running Classic on Intel Macs) had 'experimental' attached to its explanation. While I don't know if it can be referred to as a solid powerhouse environment even still, it seems to have come quite a...

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An Experimental Classic Environment for Intel Macs

One of disadvantages with Apple's migration to Intel processors will be the loss of the Classic (Mac OS 9) environment. Apple has said many times that the Classic environment will be incompatible with their Intel Macs. While this probably won't be a problem for many users, organizations like schools...

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