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Passwords stored in plain text after Lion update

Legacy FileVault users (those who used FileVault before Lion) running a recently updated version of Mac OS X Lion should consider changing their login passwords. According to a report in ZDNet, an Apple programmer inadvertently left a debug flag in the latest 10.7.3 version of Mac OS X that turns...

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There are some things that you just don't want to send through regular email: your credit card number, your Social Security Number (if you live in the USA), and other messages that you really don't want anyone else to read. A new service and accompanying iPhone app, (US$0.99) provides a ...

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Apple FileVault 2 encryption cracked, but don't panic

FileVault 2 is a feature of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion that provides a way to encrypt a full disk drive so that it can only be used by those who know a password ... until now, that is. Passware, a company that makes forensic software used to recover lost passwords or open encrypted files to police and other...

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FaceTime calls are encrypted, HIPAA compliant

This isn't the issue from last fall, but Apple addressed questions regarding FaceTime security to ZDNet. An Apple representative assured the site that the FaceTime conversation stream is encrypted from end to end, and each FaceTime session has unique session keys for each user. What this does...

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Ask TUAW Video Edition: VPN services

It's the first Tuesday in May, which means it's time for another edition of Ask TUAW, the video version. Today, Brad writes to us with a security question: I love using Wi-Fi where available, but I am always leery of doing anything requiring secure access as I don't know who is on the network ...

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Square encryption hinders Visa deal

Square is running into some problems with its new investment partner Visa. An executive at the mobile payments company confirmed it is re-working its system to encrypt credit card data on the fly. Square now uses a dongle that plugs into a headphone jack and an iOS application to process credit c...

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Staying Safe: securing your wireless connection

Recently, we reported on AT&T's push to make it easier for iPhone & iPod touch users to connect to their Wi-Fi Hot Spots. One of our readers, Jamie Phelps, pointed out on his blog that AT&T's Wi-Fi service is not actually a "secure connection," as is advertised in various places on their...

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9 things I learned from almost losing my MacBook Air

I swear, getting old is not a lot of fun. Last night, I taught a class in data security for home and small business users at our local community college. There were a lot of good questions from the community education program students, so the class ended quite late and I was still answering questi...

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Mac 101: 7 tips for Data Privacy Day 2009

Today is Data Privacy Day, a global initiative to highlight information security rights and practices, especially among teens, professionals, corporations, and the government. As part of the celebration, TUAW (along with our sister blog Download Squad) has seven good ideas for you about how to keep...

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RiftVault 1.0

RiftVault, which we covered when it was in a pre-release state, is now a full 1.0 release. $39.95 will get you this snazzy app which stores your important information the way it should be stored: using encryption. RiftVault is designed to hold credit card information, passwords, banking info, and ev...

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TUAW Review: eWallet for iPhone

I recently wrote a post about Ilium Software, developer of longtime mobile apps eWallet and ListPro, and Apple's delays in getting their applications into the App Store. I don't take any credit (it was pure coincidence), but about 8 hours after my post eWallet showed up in the App Store. I purchased...

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Rumors: iPhone Application Key reportedly leaked

Last night, an anonymous tipster pointed us to this Austin Heap webpage that purportedly reveals the iPhone's secret Application SDK key. Another tipster, also anonymous, then tipped me to iPhone "Elite" developer Zibri's blog, that shows the same key. So what does this mean? Since all iPhone appli...

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KisMAC dev calls it quits

Reader Andrew dropped a note that Michael Rossberg, developer of KisMAC, the wireless network sniffer based on Kismet, has declared the project discontinued. I can't get the project's website to load (most likely because it's been Slashdotted), but apparently the reason Rossberg gave was that a chan...

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Terminal Tip: Interactive Command-line File Encryption

In OS X, you can always toss a file onto the command line instead of laboriously typing out a complete path name because Terminal supports drag and drop. Over at Murphymac, Murphy has posted a video showing you how to create a shell script using DES3 encryption to protect your files. It takes advan...

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1Passwd - password/form manager lets Firefox use the Keychain

*Oh snap!* Agile Web Solutions has created a password and form manager extension for both Safari and Firefox that fixes one of my biggest gripes about Mozilla's flagship browser: it can store website passwords in Mac OS X's Keychain Access application. For those who haven't stumbled upon the wonders...

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