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Barnes & Noble releases eReader app for iPad

Barnes & Noble released its eReader for iPad (free) this week. This latest incarnation adds some features that the iPhone version lacks, like text highlighting and room for annotations (something I wish Apple's iBooks app did). But more than that, eReader for iPad is about sharing. A unique f...

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Borders Kobo joins eReader frenzy, iPhone, iPad apps out

In a move we all should have seen coming, Borders has announced the Kobo, its US$149 eReader and Kindle/Nook competitor. It will launch in June with an accompanying eBook store, stocked with more than a million titles. There are iPad and iPhone apps out now, and both are free. The odd thing is th...

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Why I didn't buy an iPad

Guest blogger B. Imei Hsu lays out the case over on Chris Pirillo's blog for "Why you don't want an iPad" -- she takes a few guesses at why you, dear Apple fan, may not have bought Apple's magical and revolutionary device this past weekend. She's actually a little venomous -- not only is there a bit...

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Report: One-third of iPad buyers will read books, newspapers

comScore recently polled 2,176 iPad customers regarding their plans for the new device. Not surprisingly, one-third of them said that they intend to use it to read books and newspapers. Specifically, 37% of respondents said that they're "likely" to read books on their iPads, and 34% said they int...

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Amazon previews Kindle iPad app

Amazon has launched a preview page for its iPad Kindle app. The app itself takes a lot from the iBookstore, including visual page swipes and book cover navigation view (of course, to be fair Apple did "borrow" a number of things from Wil Shipley). One cool eye-candy feature of the Kindle app is t...

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Barnes & Noble eReader for iPad coming soon

That's the word from the giant U.S. bookseller. There is already a version for the iPhone and iPod touch, and Barnes & Noble says customers can expect the free software around the time of the iPad launch. The reader will give B&N customers access to more than a million eBooks, as well as ...

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Apple forces Stanza to nix USB book sharing

Those who enjoy USB book sharing their ePub and eReader files in the current version of Stanza [iTunes link] will want to avoid the 2.1 version of the software, currently being distributed in the App Store. The update notes reveal that Apple apparently ordered Lexcycle to remove the USB sharing abil...

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Infographic: Cost/benefit analysis of the entry-level iPad and six other ereaders

In the tradition of the Billshrink infographics, Darren Beckett has thrown together this nice little infographic comparing the entry-level iPad's cost and functions to other popular e-readers like the Amazon Kindle DX and the Fusion Garage Joo Joo. While the iPad ties as the most expensive on the l...

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iBooks could be US-only at launch

Apple Australia has published iPad content to their site, and some keen-eyed observers have noticed what's missing. The list of features explained on the site includes much of what we saw yesterday -- Safari, Mail, YouTube, video ... all but iBooks and the iBookstore. Scroll down to the bottom...

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All of the news from today's iPad announcement

What a day it's been. The tablet is finally out. That's right, the tablet we've been waiting years for is real and will be on sale soon, only it's called the iPad, and it's pretty similar to the iPhone. Just in case you missed something today, here's everything we've learned about the magical and r...

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Apple meeting with "nearly all 6" largest trade publishers

Electronista is reporting today that Apple is in talks with "probably all six" of the largest publishers in preparation for the tablet's release (I think it's safe to officially call it real now). Publishers Marketplace notes that it's all going down in New York City, with ebooks being the topic of ...

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Report: Harper Collins, Apple negotiating tablet deal

The Wall Street Journal is reporting this morning that Apple is in talks with Harper Collins regarding ebooks for the new tablet. They suggest that the publisher will set the prices of the books with Apple taking a cut, in similar fashion to the 30/70 split currently in place for the App Store (but ...

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Holiday giveaways: Eucalyptus ereader

Can't figure out what to put on the iPhone or iPod touch you got as a gift? We've got the prescription: holiday giveaways galore! Here's an app giveaway that will help you catch up on the classics while you're on the go: the $9.99 ereader Eucalyptus [iTunes link], which gives you access to over 20,0...

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BookReader for iPhone: You can't judge a book by its cover

We did a fairly extensive rundown of eBooks for the iPhone/iPod touch in August; you can take a look back if you're new to the eBook universe for Apple's mobile devices. BookReader [iTunes Link] , a US$4.99 app for devices running OS 2.21 or higher, has just joined the crowded eBook market -- bu...

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Borders survey adding fuel to the iPAD / iTablet fire

As if it isn't getting bad enough with the iPAD / iTablet rumors, now book retailer Borders has been adding to the rumor mill. Numerous TUAW readers including Jennifer, who supplied the screenshot below, have received a marketing survey from Borders about using Digital Reading Devices (also known...

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