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TUAW TV Live: Networking hints and tips

The network -- it's what makes our Macs, our iPads, and even our iPhones so powerful. Whether it's your Wi-Fi network connected to a speedy cable modem, fiber to your home and a Gigabit Ethernet link to your Mac Pro, a slow and spotty cellular data connection, or using Bluetooth to "talk" to acces...

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Hands-on with the Google Chromecast

The backordered TUAW Chromecast finally arrived yesterday evening from Google. We apologize for the delay in this write-up, but we simply didn't have a unit to test with. I felt, that for the sake of celebrating our native blog culture, I had to give it a proper unboxing. The Chromecast ships in ...

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Belkin's Thunderbolt dock delivers plug-and-play flexibility

It's dock o'clock, thank goodness, as Belkin's long incubation period of the Thunderbolt Express Dock closed out last month. The US$299 expansion peripheral is now shipping to customers; is it worth your attention? We've had a week to put it through its paces. The most direct product comparison f...

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Apple revises One to One program for new customers

ifoAppleStore is reporting that Apple has changed the terms of the Apple Store One to One service, limiting how much Apple Store employees will do in terms of data migration for new Mac purchases. One to One service is offered to purchasers of new Macs for US$99 per year, providing not only d...

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Get a USB 3.0 hub plus Gigabit Ethernet with Kanex's DualRole

Even though shipping Macs have sported USB 3.0 ports for more than half a year, compatible USB 3.0 hubs have been thin on the ground. Expanding those 4.8 Gbps ports would make better use of all that bandwidth, and the increased bus power (900mA vs. 500mA for the older USB 2.0 standard) is perfe...

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Apple launches all-new AirPort Express

Though it apparently wasn't worthy of a mention during the WWDC keynote, Apple has in fact launched an all-new version of its AirPort Express wireless base station. Featuring an updated design that looks almost exactly like a white version of the Apple TV, the new AirPort Express has two new feat...

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How to get AirPlay working when Apple TV is hooked up via Ethernet

When I got a new Apple TV, I decided to plug it directly into my Time Capsule via Ethernet to lighten some of the bandwidth load on my home wireless network. My Wi-Fi bandwidth has always been pretty lackluster with my first-gen Time Capsule, even though every device connecting to it is 802.11n...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Will my MacBook Air Ethernet adapter work with my iPad?

Dear Aunt TUAW, Whoa, it's sure been hot here in Texas lately, so it's a good thing you're staying in air-conditioned comfort at the resort there in Florida. That reminds me of something I meant to ask you... Since I'm basically hanging out in my dorm room with its gigabit Ethernet connection ...

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Migration DVD and CD Sharing update available

Apple has released Migration and DVD/CD Sharing Update 1.1. While Software Update states that the update is recommended for all users, the support page lists the MacBook (13-inch, Aluminum, Late 2008) and MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2008) as the affected machines. According to Apple, this update ".....

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Beta Beat: Freedom leaves you internet-less

Are you tired of being distracted by the internet? Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and Google Earth could all be considered "distractions" or "time wasters." So, if you're looking to get some work done without physically un-pluging from the internet then Freedom might be what you need. Freedom allows you...

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Airport Extreme not using Gigabit speeds?

Along with all the other updates in the Apple Store on Tuesday, Airport Extreme got a nice one-- according to the specs on the page, they're now offering Gigabit ethernet speeds. Or are they? ComputerWiz went out and grabbed two of them right away, but no matter what he tried to do, he couldn't get ...

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PCIe Gigabit Ethernet Desktop Adapter for Mac Pro/Power Macs

This news may not excite too many folks out there, but I imagine one or two of you are interested in using a PowerMac or Mac Pro as a server. Doing that correctly means you need at least 2 ethernet ports but sometimes even that isn't enough. Luckily for our server wanting friends Small Tree Communic...

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