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Apple secures EU ban on Galaxy Tab 7.7

Apple's legal team may be doing a happy dance today, after a German court issued an injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet. The injunction will ban sales of the small tablet in the entire European Union; it was already off the shelves in Germany. The court found that the design ...

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EU launches antitrust probes against Motorola after complaints from Apple, Microsoft

Apple and Microsoft filed separate complaints with the EU that accuse Motorola of using its essential, standards-based patents as weapons to curb competitor's products and advance their own, says a report in The New York Times. Under EU law, companies with patents essential to an industry standar...

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Apple targets Galaxy S II, other Samsung phones in new German suit

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple filed a new lawsuit in Germany that targets ten of Samsung's Android handsets. This new suit gives Apple a fresh start to argue for its EU design rights, which were recently called into question by Germany's Dusseldorf Court. It also gives the company an o...

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Apple says Motorola patent win won't deter holiday sales

Last Friday Motorola won a default judgment in Germany blocking the sale of iPad 3G's and all iPhones before the iPhone 4S in Germany. The court sided with Motorola after the company successfully argued that Apple violated one of its 3G patents. The ruling was a blow to Apple, especially since ...

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Apple unveils dock to micro USB adapter to comply with EU standards

European Union regulations require cell phone vendors to include micro USB connectors as a means of standardizing charging options for cell phones, a necessary move to cut down on the plethora of mutually incompatible charging options that have proliferated through the mobile phone industry. Rather ...

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Apple TV coming to seven more countries next week

Apple's little black set-top box is due to arrive in seven more countries next week, according to a release from Apple sent to MacRumors. Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland are all on the list of those receiving the device for sale, so if you're in one of ...

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German ban on Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales upheld

Samsung was dealt a major setback today in Germany. A district court in Dusseldorf ruled that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is too similar to the iPad 2, and sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany will continue to be blocked. The decision also prevents Samsung's German subsidiary from selling the tablet dev...

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German court upholds injunction against Samsung tablets

Samsung just got some more bad news. A German court has upheld an earlier preliminary injunction on the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Now Germany joins most of the rest of the EU on the list of countries that ban Samsung from selling its tablet. The injunction came as a result of Apple's legal moves to stop...

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Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction suspended in EU countries except Germany

The German district court that granted Apple an injunction against Samsung and halted the sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the EU has temporarily suspended this ban. This suspension applies to all the countries in the EU except Germany. The court decision comes hot on the heels of a report by ...

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Samsung will formally address Apple-led Galaxy Tab ban on Aug 25

Samsung will have the opportunity to defend itself against Apple in a German court on August 25th. The Korean manufacturer will argue against the recent injunction that halted the sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in all EU countries except the Netherlands. Until this date, the Apple-requested inj...

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iPhone location data to be closely regulated in Europe

The fuss over the storage of location data by iOS has crossed international waters. The EU data protection advisory panel, a watchdog group that advises the European Commission, has said that location data is personal data. This ruling may lead to further restrictions limiting how this data may...

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European Union closes Apple investigation

I think we can call this one "saved by a policy change." Earlier this month, Apple changed its rules and is now allowing developers to use third-party tools for creating apps for iOS devices. In a statement released this weekend, the EU said it welcomed Apple's changed policies, and that the investi...

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Company that owns iPad trademark in EU wants Apple's business

While Apple appears to be the rightful owner the iPad trademark for the U.S., there's a bit of a problem in the E.U. A French-Italian company, STMicroelectronics, currently owns the rights to "iPad" in two different classifications -- "electronics and components" and "using the name in print." ST h...

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Apple's Norwegian troubles could increase

Norway's Ombudsman has never been a fan of Apple's DRM. We've covered this a few times here on TUAW, but it looks like things are coming to a head. It has been decided that the iTunes DRM is illegal according to Norwegian law, and now Apple has until March to change the terms until the first legal s...

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