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European customers lose the Mac Pro on March 1, maybe earlier

Product safety regulations, how do they work? European regulators are requiring adherence to UL's 60950-1 second edition standards, which originally came into effect in late 2010. The rules cover power supply design and other technical specifications. As reported in Macworld, the Mac Pro's 2010-...

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Apple's warranty practices questioned in Belgium

Belgian consumer watchdog agency, Test-Aankoop/Test-Achats, is not happy with the AppleCare protection plans offered to customers who purchase Apple hardware. The group has filed a complaint that claims Apple doesn't properly explain consumer rights when it markets and sells these warranties to...

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Italian authorities fine Apple again over warranties

By now, Apple should be pretty familiar with Italy's standards regarding product warranties, but it seems that despite already being fined roughly $1.2 million, the company's troubles are not over. AppleInsider reports that after being hit with the fine, Apple continued to push AppleCare's two-y...

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EU set to charge Samsung in Apple antitrust case

The legal battle between Apple and Samsung may be winding down, but the Korean electronics maker's courtroom troubles are far from over. As Reuters reports, Joaquin Almunia, the European Commission's Vice President of Competition Policy, has revealed that the organization will soon charge Samsung ...

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App Store prices increase in Europe

Apple caused a small stir yesterday when it raised the prices of apps in the European iTunes App Store. Customers were taken by surprise when the App Store went down and returned an hour later with higher prices. The minimum price of an app rose from €0.79 (US$1.00) to €0.89 ($1.15). ...

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iOS 6: Talking to Siri - International Edition II

Last year, Steve Sande and I put together a "What can you say to Siri" post while working on "Talking to Siri: Learning the Language of Apple's Intelligent Assistant". This year, we followed up that post with an iOS 6 version of "What can you say to Siri" and then an International version coverin...

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Mobile banking growing in the US and Europe

Forrester Research released a new report saying mobile banking is growing both here in the US and overseas in Europe. By 2017, says the report, mobile banking will be used by 108 million people in the US, or about 46% of those holding bank accounts in the US. Currently, only about 13% of accoun...

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Apple's VP of Europe steps down after 12 years

French newspaper Le Figaro is reporting that Pascal Cagni is stepping down from his position as Apple's vice president of Europe. Cagni was hired by Steve Jobs in 2000 and has served as Apple's European VP for 12 years. He was responsible for Apple's explosive growth in the EMEA region, which saw...

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Irish Prime Minister visits Apple's European headquarters

One week after Apple announced it would create another 500 jobs at its European headquarters in Cork, Ireland, the employees there got a visit from none other than Ireland's Prime Minister Enda Kenny. The visit happened yesterday, reports MacWorld UK, and during that time Kenny was snapped chat...

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High carrier subsidies affect iPhone sales in parts of Europe

Apple has a problem with iPhone sales in select European countries, says a recent Wall Street Journal report. The problem isn't with the hardware or even distribution, but pricing and carrier subsidies. In the US, the iPhone is affordable to many people because the carrier foots the bill for the c...

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iTunes Match international rollout begins (updated)

Update: GigaOM reported that the rollout was premature. Those outside of the US and Brazil who successfully signed up for the program will have their money refunded, and Apple has told these customers that Match will not function outside of those countries. iTunes Match has started rolling ...

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Apple cake pops made to raise money to fight pancreatic cancer

A baker in England has made these gorgeous cake pops (featuring some Apple logos and Steve Jobs's likeness) to raise some donation money for a pancreatic cancer charity. The pops will go on sale next Wednesday in London, when cake blogger and maker "Miss Cakehead" is set to open up a "Steve Job...

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iPad rental business is booming in Madrid, Spain

PadInTheCity is a company offering up an intriguing proposition: Rent a 3G iPad while you happen to be touring around the city of Madrid, Spain. I do happen to be traveling to Europe next year, and while I just bought an iPad for myself, I can see the benefit of not only being able to carry an ...

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Apple TV coming to seven more countries next week

Apple's little black set-top box is due to arrive in seven more countries next week, according to a release from Apple sent to MacRumors. Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland are all on the list of those receiving the device for sale, so if you're in one of ...

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Report suggests iTunes store coming to additional European countries

A report from Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita claims Apple is preparing to launch its iTunes music store in ten new countries throughout Europe. These new additions may include Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and seven other unnamed locations. If Rzeczpospolita's report is correct, this r...

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