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Rumor: Apple holding an iPhone event on September 12

We've been doing our best to keep unfounded rumors to a minimum around here, just because Apple hype can sometimes get a little high. But this is one that's passed the sniff test already, so much so that you might as well try keeping your calendar clear for September 12. That's the rumored ...

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IndieDevLab offers community space near Moscone if you didn't get a WWDC ticket

WWDC sold out pretty quickly yesterday. So what do you do if you want to be part of the dev scene that week? IndieDevLab to the rescue. Monster Costume devs Kyle Kinkade and Nate True and JailbreakCon's Craig Fox quickly started organizing a way for iOS and OS X developers to gather together outs...

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Daily iPhone App: Time to Enjoy lets you find events based on time

Did you ever find yourself ready for a night out and clueless about where to go and what to do? If you need help finding a spur-of-the-moment event, then you should check out Time to Enjoy, a time-driven event calendar. Time to Enjoy is different than other event apps which list events based ...

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Graph shows the tweets per minute during Apple's March 7 event

Twitter crunched the numbers and created a graph that shows the number of tweets per minute during yesterday's Apple press event. The tweets peak at over 10K per minute when Cook introduced the cost of the iPad, fell during the app demonstrations and climbed up to 8K when Cook announced the iPad 2...

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Apple unveils iPhoto for the iPad

Besides the updates to iWork, iMovie and GarageBand, Apple also announced iPhoto for the iPad! iPhoto will let you browse and edit photos on the iPad, especially those nice ones you can take with the new 5-megapixel camera. iPhoto for the iPad will include tools like crop and auto-enhance. There's...

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Apple's iPad event announcement cuts into Schmidt's MWC Android groove

Apple's mastery of timing is impeccable. This morning, I was listening to Eric Schmidt ramble on about Android and Google during his Mobile World Congress keynote. As someone who follows technology, I found his talk mildly intriguing, until the iPad 3 invites began pouring out. Right then, Schmidt...

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Apple announces March 7 iPad 3 event

Apple sent out invites today for an event that'll take place at 10:00 am on Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. The event flyer shows a buttonless (or landscape) iPad and promises there will be something we really have to see and touch. We expect Apple...

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Discount on 360|MacDev and a chance to win a free pass

Last year's 360|MacDev was filled with good food and great company, plus sessions with some of the best developers in the world. The annual event in Denver is one of the must-attend Mac developer conferences out there if you want to learn from the best. This year's conference is almost upon us, but...

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Bloomberg: Apple plans to bolster iPad use in schools

Bloomberg adds yet another dollop of confirmation to the rumors about tomorrow's event that Apple will have plenty of educational news to share. Most of the rumors have revolved around a textbook-based system for iBooks, and Bloomberg agrees, saying that Apple will introduce not only more textb...

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Rumor: Apple media event slated for January?

On this slow-start Monday (the official observance of the New Year's Day holiday in the US, in case you were wondering why everything was moving like molasses), we have AllThingsD's Kara Swisher to thank for a neat tidbit of possible Apple news. The Dow Jones site is reporting that Apple is plann...

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Apple cake pops made to raise money to fight pancreatic cancer

A baker in England has made these gorgeous cake pops (featuring some Apple logos and Steve Jobs's likeness) to raise some donation money for a pancreatic cancer charity. The pops will go on sale next Wednesday in London, when cake blogger and maker "Miss Cakehead" is set to open up a "Steve Job...

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iOS 5 features: Calendar

iOS 5 has arrived, and with it come some really nice updates to the Calendar app. There aren't a whole lot of new things; the app's basic functionality of saving events on dates and showing them back in various views hasn't changed, but there are a few new elements. First up are the new views. ...

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Apple holding private event on October 19 celebrating the life of Steve Jobs

On Steve Jobs' passing on October 5th, Tim Cook sent out an email to employees saying Apple would soon hold an event celebrating Jobs' life. As noted by MacGeneration, today Tim Cook has sent out another email letting employees know that the event will take place on October 19th. From the email...

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Pre-event AAPL trading bucks trend

Andy Zaty of the Bullish Cross blog has done some interesting analysis on the AAPL stock price around Apple's keynote events, and he found that for next week's event, the pattern seems to have fallen apart. During the past four iPhone releases, Apple's stock price has risen in the rumor-filled ...

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Survey: 41% of smartphone users set to buy iPhone 5

Ad network InMobi has been asking its customers what they think of the rumored upcoming iPhone 5 (purportedly to be announced at the event in Cupertino next week), and as you might imagine, the response is overwhelmingly positive: 41% of current mobile customers in North America say that yes, t...

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