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Apple updates WWDC app and more news for May 21, 2014

WWDC 2014 is getting closer. Are you packed and ready? Apple's been preparing and has released an updated app and the keynote date. Meanwhile, it's not been a banner day over at Ebay. Onto the news. Apple has updated its WWDC app (free) with information for 2014. It seems the folks at Cupertino...

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Are you an Apple tech or consultant?

Do you support others? If so, our friends over at MacTech have an event just for you. MacTech BootCamp III is the third incarnation of MacTech's successful event series, and it's specifically designed for techs and consultants that support clients, or those in their organization. MacTech events are...

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360intersect inspires techies without getting technical

This past weekend in Seattle a small group of tech folks gathered to talk about the work they do while away from the computer. Unlike a lot of tech conferences, there were no discussions of APIs or frameworks, no in-depth analysis of App Store sales figures or phoney-baloney social marketing doubl...

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Triggering AppleScripts from Calendar Alerts in Mountain Lion

AppleScripts are great tools for increasing your daily productivity. They're even better when they can be set to run unattended, at night, on weekends or during downtime. In Lion, iCal included a handy option for attaching a script to a calendar event. Just create an event, add a Run Script alarm,...

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Origin Stories: MacTech Conference

About the only time you'll see Neil Ticktin sitting down during the MacTech Conference is to eat, very briefly. I managed to get him to sit down long enough to do a quick interview about how the conference began for this week's Origin Stories. ...

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Join us on 10/23: TUAW metaliveblog of Apple's October Event

Join us here tomorrow at 10AM PT (1PM ET) as TUAW metaliveblogs Apple's October Event. As the invitation says, Apple has a little more to show us. Is it a new mini iPad? Updated Macs? We'll all find out together. Please accept TUAW's invitation for fun, live blogging and lots of product cover...

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Join TUAW for Apple's September 12 Event

Back in July, Tim Cook promised all kinds of new and exciting developments for this quarter. "We are also really looking forward to the amazing new products we've got in the pipeline," he wrote at the time. Fast forward to September 2012. The new iPhone is ready to debut and we're hopping with ...

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Come see Jay Freeman (saurik) at IndieDevLab today

If you jailbreak you likely are familiar with Cydia, so come hear the man behind the alternative to the App Store, Saurik (aka Jay Freeman) today at IndieDevLab in San Francisco at 11:45am. Also a reminder: we'll be shooting videos about why you created an app (and yes, it can be a jailbreak app...

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Apple introduces Power Nap at WWDC 2012

Apple introduced Power Nap, a new feature of OS X during today's WWDC 2012 keynote. Available on the MacBook Air (2nd gen) and MacBook Pro with Retina Display "Mac laptops with flash storage," this feature runs backups and "keeps data up to date" while the computer sleeps. Apple notes that Power...

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App Store has 650K apps, 30B app downloads and 400M accounts

Apple kicked off WWDC 2012 with a few jokes from Siri and whole lotta sales figures. Here are the higlights from Cook's keynote: 400 million accounts in the App Store with credit cards and one-click payments 650,000 apps in the App Store 225,000 apps made just for the iPad 30 b...

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Dubdub Monday: Upcoming WWDC 2012 metaliveblog and TUAW community events

TUAW isn't just a blog, it's a community. And we're getting all excited for Monday's upcoming WWDC keynote. We want you to be part of the fun. Please join us for all the events and coverage during the day. We'll be hosting a special edition of TUAW TV Live before the keynote. We'll kick off a...

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TUAW at WWDC 2012: How to find and pitch us

Three members of the TUAW team -- Mike Schramm, Brett Terpstra and myself -- are going to be in San Francisco next week for WWDC 2012. Apple has never let us into the keynote and likely never will, but we'll all live vicariously through our sister site Engadget and our own soon-to-be-announced ...

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MacTech Boot Camps offer fine Apple consultant training at a great price

MacTech has posted its Boot Camp schedule for the rest of the year, including some excellent day-long training sessions for Apple IT professionals and consultants. The company will be in Washington, DC on June 27, then San Diego on August 7, Minneapolis on September 5, and finally Miami, Florida o...

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IndieDevLab goes free

While TUAW will be at IndieDevLab hoping to get a look at upcoming (awesome) apps, we just got some great news for developers who wish to attend. Thanks to sponsorships, the price of the event just went free (just like Appsterdam, which will also be hosting a weeklong coworking space where yours t...

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IndieDevLab announces speakers

Couldn't get tickets to WWDC or can't afford it? Be sure to check out IndieDevLab, which we wrote about here. Here's a quick recap: indiedevlab will pay host to many developers as a place to come during before and after WWDC to work/play and meet like minded people. Throughout the 4 days there w...

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