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iPhone OS 4.0: Unified inbox, threaded messaging and more

Apple announced today that the iPhone's Mail application is going to receive several new features as part of the iPhone OS 4.0 software to be released later this year (summer for iPhone/iPod touch and fall for iPad). The first big feature is the unified inbox. Finally, it will be possible to rea...

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iPhone OS 3.1 now enforces Exchange encryption policy, may block pre-3GS iPhones

The Apple Support forums are a'buzz with reports of several users upgrading to iPhone OS 3.1 and discovering a new "feature" which was not available previously. As mentioned in our comments, after upgrading to 3.1, some original iPhone and iPhone 3G owners with Exchange accounts are having trouble a...

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Tired of those winmail.dat files? Letter Opener 3 can help

If there's anything that drives Mac users into a frenzy, it's those winmail.dat files that can show up in Apple Mail when they receive email from colleagues or friends using Microsoft Outlook. Winmail.dat files can either files that are attached to the message, or they can contain information such a...

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Snow Leopard and Microsoft Exchange first impressions

One of the things touted in this latest incarnation of Mac OSX was its ability to work with Microsoft Exchange using Apple's Mail, Address Book and iCal applications. Well, I'm happy to report that Snow Leopard does, in fact, work pretty well with Exchange 2007. Granted, this is only after limite...

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Inside iPhone 3.0: Fix too-strict passcode lock settings for Exchange users

If your iPhone was connected to an Exchange server for email, contact or calendar synchronization prior to your upgrade to the 3.0 software, you may have run into the same problem that was bugging me for a day or so: the timeout on the passcode lock gets set to "Immediate," forcing you to enter the...

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Government / Military Mac users get PIV single sign-on from Thursby

Thursby Software is a longtime Mac development firm (since 1986) that has always had a mission: integrating Macs as full players in mixed-OS environments. While Mac OS X has gone a long way toward improving the situation of Mac users in predominantly Microsoft environments, there are still situation...

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Ask TUAW: Preventing automounting, Exchange support, printing selections, and more

For this edition of Ask TUAW we've got questions about preventing an external partition from automounting, printing text selections, getting email from an Exchange server, syncing the Address Book with Google contacts, and more. As always, your suggestions are welcome. Questions for next week sho...

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AI: 'Snow Leopard' to include rewritten Finder

AppleInsider claims that Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard will feature (among other things) a Finder re-written entirely in Cocoa. The Finder has remained Carbon-based for the entire history of Mac OS X so far, but the long journey from those frameworks towards Cocoa seems to be reaching its end for Apple...

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iPhone 2.0 firmware goes golden master

Gizmodo and GearLive are reporting that the iPhone 2.0 firmware will go golden master (locked for shipping) this week. Golden master does not necessarily mean that Apple will ship the firmware this week (after all, Steve said that it would ship in "early July") but it does mean that the firmware and...

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New screenshots of Snow Leopard appear, show desktop web apps

A German site, has posted screenshots of the forthcoming version of Mac OS X, 10.6 (a.k.a "Snow Leopard"). Most of the screenshots show off the Safari 4 developer preview that will include the "Save as Web Application" option in the File menu. The website also shows off the next vers...

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Gartner acknowledges iPhone enterprise mojo in new report

CIOs and IT pros pay money -- a lot of money -- for the opinions of the Gartner Group. Since I'm not shelling out $95 to buy "Gartner Changes It's iPhone Enterprise Recommendations," even though I'm sure it would be worth a giggle or two, I'll just point you to some folks who have read the new repor...

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Apple/Microsoft in talks for ActiveSync before iPhone launched

Exchange support in the iPhone has been rumored almost as long as the iPhone itself was rumored to exist. Much as the iPhone turned out to be real, so has ActiveSync on the iPhone. Microsoft released an interview with Terry Myerson, corporate vice president for Exchange, which includes a very intere...

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Apple licenses ActiveSync for the iPhone

Today Apple announced that they have licensed ActiveSync from Microsoft to enable full Exchange integration with the iPhone. The first thing you think of with ActiveSync is Push Email (that's when email is sent to your iPhone as soon as it is received, as opposed to on a schedule like every 15 minut...

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Entourage Exchange Accounts Optimizer 1.0

Just the other day a co-worker of mine wondered if there was a way to have Entourage (she's using 2008) automatically archive messages like Outlook does (we run Exchange on the job, which stores all your messages on the server; you run the risk of going over your quota if you don't archive things t...

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Kerio MailServer 6.5 poised to replace Exchange

Kerio Technologies announced version 6.5 of the Kerio MailServer -- 2 years in the making -- yesterday. We talked about version 6 recently, but this is their largest update yet and clearly shows their readiness to take a bite out of the Microsoft Exchange market. With version 6.5, Kerio is providing...

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