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FlickrExport 2.0 beta 1

FlickrExport has entered a 2.0 beta phase, ushering in some really, really cool new features including: FlickrExport now supports uploading to existing sets. Uploaded photos can be added to a group pool after upload. FlickrExport now displays a list of your tags used on Flickr which can be ...

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WouldjaDraw illustration software

Dave Caolo showed you an open source image editing tool, so I thought I'd pick up another end of the spectrum with an illustration tool by the name of WouldjaDraw. While it isn't open source, WouldjaDraw does have a healthy array of illustrating features and tools. Inspector palettes, gradient tool...

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Create an OPML from Safari RSS feeds

MacOSXHints has a simple trick for creating an OPML file, completely with folder structure/groups, from your RSS feeds in Safari. The tip basically involves downloading an XML stylesheet the author created, and using it in a Terminal command to generate the OPML file. I'm glad someone found a way to...

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Flip4Mac breaks QuickTime export?

Some users, myself included, are reporting that the 3rd party Flip4Mac plugin Microsoft recently purchased and offered for free seems to break QuickTime Pro's ability to export movie files. This morning I was trying to compress and export to H.264 some AVI files I shot with my Canon digicam over the...

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Automator action: Export movies to iTunes/iPod

Since the 5G iPod landed, an army of scripts and mini-apps have answered the call for a simple, painless way for getting video into iTunes and ready for your favorite little music video player. Since I'm always up for more options, here's an Automator action that accomplishes the same task for Tiger...

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Safarilicious updated to 0.77

Just over a week after Scott blogged Safarilicious, it's already been updated to version 0.77. This minor update fixes a couple of bugs, namely one that caused an "Index Error" crash and another that caused a crash upon receiving an Error 500 from del.icio.us. "Initial" Unicode s...

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