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Shiira 2.0 goes official

We've seen the betas for quite some time now, but Shiira v2.0 - the feature-packed open source browser based on the same WebKit that powers Apple's Safari - has gone official. As far as I can tell, the feature list hasn't changed wildly from beta into this full version, but check out some of the s...

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How many windows do you have open right now?

Meandering through the TUAW Flickr group my eyes alighted upon this image. 'Hmm,' thought I, 'that's a lot of email in Exposé.' It got me to thinking about how I use my Mac. Tabbed browsing really has limited the number of windows I have open on my Mac, but perhaps I'm just an odd ball. I th...

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Shiira v2 beta released

Remember that Shiira v2 beta preview that delusions of grandeur had at the end of July? Well instead of simply reading about it, now you can take your own copy for a spin, as a public, localized beta has been released. Shiira, if you haven't been following the coverage as of late, is an open source...

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Productivity on OS X

Paul Stamatiou is more productive on a Mac. Why? The combination of Exposé, Quicksilver, and Spotlight. These three things taken together really make the Mac a powerhouse of productivity (and I should know since I use the very same tools, though I tend not to need Spotlight that much. I'm jus...

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TUAW Tip: Drag and drop with Exposé

Drag and drop is one of the many wonders of graphical user interfaces, exponentially increasing productivity with an intuitive, common-sense approach that leaves you with a reaffirmed belief in the unquestionable brilliance of mankind. Exposé takes that to a whole new level: You can actually ...

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Yes Way, Expose!

In case you wondered if we bloggers ever click on the homepage links our readers submit with their tips and comments... we often do. And every now and then we are rewarded with something entertaining for our efforts. Clicking on fra's homepage link tonight, which I stumbled upon from one of his comm...

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