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Safari extensions gallery, Safari 5.0.1 available

That wasn't a very long wait. Apple has finally published the Safari extensions gallery we've been anticipating for a few weeks. There's a large number of extensions available right off the bat, including some from The New York Times, Major League Baseball, Amazon and Bing. There's also an offici...

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Ostrich: A Twitter extension for Safari

Oh, the ever-growing mountain of Twitter apps. Not since the Cola Wars has such a fierce battle for commercial dominance been waged. Today's combatant is unique in that it's a Safari 5 extension. It's young, and with a little work could be quite nice. Ostrich is an extension for Safari 5 that mon...

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Apple collecting Safari extensions for gallery

A marquee feature of Safari 5 is its ability to use 3rd-party extensions. Apple is collecting examples of great ones from registered developers to be featured in a gallery. There's no word on Apple's judging criteria or when the gallery will be launched, but Apple is really pushing this technology s...

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Mac 101: taming Safari toolbars with shortcut keys

As you've probably noticed, there are suddenly a lot of Safari Extensions floating around, thanks to the new features in Safari 5. PimpMySafari is ramping back up, and the Safari Extensions Tumblog is doing a great job of keeping track of all of them. I'm going to wait until the dust settles, the cr...

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Macworld 2010: TypeDNA

On the last day of Macworld, I caught up with the guys from TypeDNA to take a look at what I soon realized was going to be a revolutionary bit of software magic for designers of any ilk. TypeDNA is a series of plugins for Adobe CS4 applications (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator) which makes finding...

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Google Chrome for Mac (finally) gets Extension support

Exciting news for Mac-using Chrome lovers: the latest dev-channel build of Google Chrome (finally) includes support for extensions, among other new features. Similar to Firefox Add-ons, Chrome Extensions allow 3rd-party developers to add new functionality to the browser. There's a decent collection ...

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On the Firefox 2.0 beta, extensions and compatibility

If you want to play with the Firefox betas, but don't want to break your existing extensions, there is an add-on available that can bring your existing extensions along for the 2.0 beta ride. Nightly Tester Tools is an add-on (extensions are being rebranded as 'add-ons' in the new Firefox) that brin...

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