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Found Footage: Homemade stratospheric capsule uses iPhone GPS

In the midst of all the excitement and hype surrounding today's announcements, we thought we'd share this popular and heart-warming tale of a father and son believing in their dreams and reaching for them. Seven-year-old Max Geissbuhler and his dad, Luke Geissbuhler, dreamed of visiting space. A...

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5 more great family-friendly iOS apps

I'm always on the lookout for solid family-friendly applications. I particularly appreciate titles that aren't specifically made for children but that nonetheless engage and entertain. The following list is made up of kid-tested & approved iOS applications. None of these apps are child-specif...

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EMC exec sees iPad taking over... his house

When I wrote last month about the pleasures and perils of sharing an iPad with your spouse, I didn't really grapple with the meta-challenge of a houseful of technophiles, all clamoring for their turn at bat. While there's already some contention between the adults and the two under-10s in the house,...

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Peace in the home: Sharing an iPad with your spouse

I'm sure many of you find yourselves in the sometimes-uncomfortable position of alpha geek in your households. It's a lonely perch, with responsibility for every gadget and gizmo under the familial roof; more frustrating, your spouse and children don't share your perfectly rational enthusiasm for a...

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Use iCal to tweet automatically

Recently, the question came up of how to automatically "tweet" a birthday message to a friend or loved one on their special day. After thinking on this question for some time I finally came to a solution. As it turns out, intrepid TUAW blogger Dave Caolo wrote a Mac 101 article all about attaching A...

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Dell cites Apple's 'green' claims in Better Business Bureau complaint

In a display of environmental posturing on both sides, Dell lodged a complaint with the advertising industry's self-governing oversight board: The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus (NAD). The claim? When Apple says it has the "world's greenest family of notebook...

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If you have been following Saltatory Software's, then you know how great it can be for easily creating family trees. Recently updated, this application allows you to easily track your family's genealogy. The new update fixes some bugs that occurred with Leopard, like the iSight/iLife in...

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Apple taking it easy on flash memory order this year

CNET is reporting that iSuppli announced Apple is "cutting" their flash memory order this year, and in this case "cutting" doesn't mean "cutting" the way you or I would use it (as in, "The doctor said I had to cut my sugar intake, so I'll only have one doughnut instead of six."). No, it means "cutti...

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Apple Store redesigns

As the good Doc Mac points out very adeptly with the picture above, the reason for the Apple Store's outage Wednesday morning must have been a redesign-- it's come back with a splash of blue. I like the new look. I think the slight gradient in the background makes it, but the rounded corners, blu...

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Study: One third of American teens own iPods

Teen iPod ownership is apparently way up from the 1% level reported in 2003. According to a recent study, one third of American teens aged 13 through 18 own an iPod. One can only presume that the other two thirds of American teens are ticked off with insane jealousy and/or hoping for an iPod under ...

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iPod shuffle 2G and Radio Remote - separated at birth?

I was rooting through a friend's treasure trove of iPod accessories yesterday when he whipped out his Radio Remote for the iPod. He then pointed out the striking similarity it has to the new iPod shuffle 2G he just picked up - and behold! They clearly must be related; possibly separated at birth - ...

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Widget Watch: Type Cast font preview and info

This is one of those widgets that makes me wonder why Apple hasn't already made one. Type Cast is pretty simple and straight-forward: it's a font preview widget from Code Line Communications, makers of Art Director's Toolkit (amongst other things). This widget isn't short on capabilities either; yo...

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