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Zynga unveils Battlestone, an action RPG coming to iOS soon

Zynga's been on an interesting pivot lately. The company made a name for itself on Facebook, and most of its business is tied up in big games like Farmville and its sequel. But that audience is slowing down in growth, if not declining, which has prompted Zynga to experiment on mobile platforms ...

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Zynga shuts down 11 apps, including PetVille and Mafia Wars 2

Zynga has announced that it's closing 11 different games and apps, presumably just because they've failed to live up to the publisher's expectations. Perhaps the most popular app of the bunch is Petville, which at one point announced that it had over a million users. But there are a few other b...

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Zynga has 22 million daily active mobile users, announces partner program

Social gaming giant Zynga is holding a press conference called Zynga Unleashed in San Francisco today, and while much of the news out of that conference is about the company's successful Facebook and social game business, Zynga has a huge interest and following in mobile games as well. The comp...

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Shadow Government tries to combine real-world policy with casual gameplay

Shadow Government was probably the most fascinating game I saw at GDC. I should probably clarify that: I didn't see much of the game in action, but what I did see showed off an excellently designed UI and some good looking (if a little complicated) Farmville-style game mechanics. The most fascinat...

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Daily iPhone App: Battle Nations

You may have played Z2Live's first big freemium iOS game, Trade Nations, and the recently released Battle Nations is a sort of spiritual sequel to that one. It features the same kind of Farmville-style gameplay, so if that turns you off, you should probably just go ahead and move on (Happy Than...

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Daily iPhone App: My Town 2

You probably remember Booyah's MyTown, which eventually claimed more users than even Foursquare for a time. Booyah's management has switched up a bit since then, but the company is still plugging away at the iOS market, most recently releasing a sequel to MyTown called (not surprisingly) My Tow...

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Daily iPhone App: DragonVale

DragonVale is the newest game from Backflip Studios, a company we've covered in detail here on the site before. It represents kind of a new direction for the company, too -- so far, CEO Julian Farrior and his team have gone after mostly ad views, selling cheap or even free apps to lots and lots...

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Report: Zynga worth $7-9 billion

The Wall Street Journal says that, with its $250 million in new funding, social gaming company Zynga could be worth as much as $7 to 9 billion -- that's "billion" with a B. An astounding number for the company behind the extraordinarily popular Facebook game Farmville. Zynga has a number of interes...

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Ngmoco's We Farm now available in Canada

Ngmoco has released the followup to its popular We Rule game on the Canadian App Store. We Farm is, as you can see above, very similar to We Rule, with the main difference being that the game is set on a farm rather than in a medieval fantasy world. You'll be able to raise animals, plant vegetables...

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Farmville for iPhone available

Facebook farmers with iPhones and iPod Touches, your wait is finally over. Zynga -- the maker of incredibly addictive and lucrative, Flash-based Facebook games such as Farmville -- has released the much anticipated iPhone version of Farmville. You might remember that the title was touted at the rec...

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WWDC 2010: Farmville for iPhone coming soon

Zynga showed up on the stage at the WWDC keynote this morning to show off one of the most-awaited (and most hated) apps coming to the iPhone: Farmville. The popular Flash-based social networking game is finally making its way to the iPhone by the end of June, and it'll be bringing at least one new ...

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It's coming... FarmVille heading to iPhone and iPad

Some will cheer, others will groan, but it seems that the love-it-or-hate-it Facebook game, FarmVille, is on its way to iPhone and iPad. A recent search of domains has uncovered both and, both reserved by the same company currently overseeing Zynga's official Fa...

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GDC 2010: Ngmoco previews We Rule and GodFinger

We stopped by Ngmoco's suite at GDC 2010 on the afternoon of the first day of the show, and got a chance to preview two upcoming titles they're working on testing and releasing soon. Both of the games follow Ngmoco's popular (and yet much-maligned) "freemium" model, in which you download the game f...

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