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Win a Netatmo weather station for Father's Day

Does your dad -- or do you -- have a fascination with the weather? Is he always checking his iPad for local weather conditions, sending precipitation reports to the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network, or obsessively watching storm chaser videos on the Weather Channel app? If that'...

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Just in time for Father's Day: Waterfield Designs Finn Wallet

Waterfield Designs makes some of the nicest computer, tablet, and smartphone accessories out there, and by nice I mean customizable, good-looking, and durable. I've had a Waterfield Designs iPad Travel Express bag for about three years now, dragged it all over the world, and it still looks like it...

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Talkcast tonight, 7pm PT/10pm ET: Wrap up edition!

Sunday again! This one happens to be Father's Day, so we'll have a bit of discussion about ties of course, and what sorts of things everyone did for Father's Day, and...well, that's about it really. I can't think of anything else in the last week we should talk about... Yes, I'm kidding. We have...

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Five apps for Father's Day

It's Father's Day weekend, which means it's time to look at those apps that'll appeal to the Dads in our audience. I solicited suggestions from the guys on our team at TUAW and came up with a list that will help the Dads grill in style and take control over their TV (not that they need any help w...

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Biscotti and telyHD set-top video chat both get Father's Day upgrades

Combine geek-dad gadget lust with the promise of an easier way to stay in touch with faraway family, and you can see how the latest generation of standalone video chat boxes might have a good sales story to tell for this Father's Day weekend. While Cisco's discontinued ūmi never caught on in a ...

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More Father's Day app sales this weekend

That didn't take long -- yesterday, I predicted we'd see more app sales pop up for Father's Day, and here we are. Firemint has put its titles on sale for the weekend -- Real Racing 2 is down to $4.99 on the iPhone and $6.99 on the iPad, and the first game in the series is just 99 cents on ...

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Gameloft starts the Father's Day app sales

I suspect we'll see quite a few app sales pop up over this upcoming Father's Day weekend, partly because any holiday these days tends to attract a few lowered prices in the App Store, and partly because there will likely be a few lucky dads out there picking up a new iPhone or iPad 2 for their ...

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Apps, accessories and more for Father's Day

It's close to Father's Day here in the US. Hopefully you've got the perfect gift planned. Perhaps you splurged on the ideal man cave, or you went less extreme and bought an iPhone, iPad or new Mac for the awesome father in your life. If, however, you're still scrambling for gift ideas, here a...

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5 Apps & more for Father's Day

Here in the US, in the UK and in 53 other countries, we're celebrating Father's Day. It's a day for Dad to sleep in, revel in the love of his family, and (perhaps not as importantly, but still nice) receive presents. Lots and lots of presents. Before you purchase yet another soap on a rope, cons...

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