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FBI director thinks Apple's data encryption is too secure

The FBI has been rather vocal lately about how it views efforts by Apple and other tech giants to make your data more secure. In short, they don't like it. Not one bit. The latest in the U.S. government's remarks about why your data should be less private comes from FBI director James Comey, who s...

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Apple, FBI investigating possible iCloud celebrity photo theft

Both the FBI and Apple are investigating the theft of private celebrity photos in an intrusion that may have used iCloud to gain access to the images. As reported by The Telegraph, FBI spokesperson Laura Eimiller confirmed the government agency's activation investigation into the theft. "[The FB...

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PRISM got you worried? Seecrypt app promises secure calls and texts

Want to hide your data from the prying eyes of the US government and its information-gathering program PRISM? A team of South African developers may have an encrypted-communications solution for iOS that'll let you call and text in complete privacy. As noticed by the Daily Caller, the Seecrypt gr...

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JFK worker who helped steal 3600 iPad minis nabbed by FBI

Justice has prevailed! The FBI has arrested a worker at New York's JFK airport who acted as a lookout for a pair of accomplices who stole 3,600 iPad minis last week. Renel Rene Richardson (not to be confused with René Ritchie of was arrested after co-workers told Port Authorit...

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iPhone appealing as BYOD smartphone thanks to security warning

When it comes to mobile devices in enterprises, Apple's iOS platform leads the way. But according to an opinion post by Computerworld's Jonny Evans, iOS may become even more dominant in enterprise computing thanks to a security warning about Android devices that came from the Internet Crime Compla...

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David Schuetz cracked the case of stolen iPhone UDIDs

Earlier this week, Blue Toad publishing confirmed that it, and not the FBI, was the source of 1 million UDIDs leaked by hacker group AntiSec. The company was tipped off by mobile security expert David Schuetz of Intrepidus Group, who spent days poring through the data and discovered references ...

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Blue Toad publishing claims itself as source of leaked UDID database

According to a report in NBC news, a small publishing company is the source of Apple UDIDs leaked by hacker group AntiSec. AntiSec and Anonymous claimed the UDIDs were stolen from an FBI employee's laptop, but the governmental agency denied that it was the source the leak. Paul DeHart, CEO of B...

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FBI and Apple separately deny being source of leaked iPhone UDIDs

Yesterday, hacker group AntiSec released 1 million UDIDs from a pool of 12 million that it allegedly obtained from an FBI-issued laptop. The group used this high-profile leak to accuse the FBI of spying on the American public. Late on Tuesday, the FBI responded to AllThingsD with its own statem...

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Hackers reportedly leak 1M iOS UDIDs (updated)

Update: The New York Times reports that F.B.I has released a statement saying there's no indication that an FBI laptop was compromised or that the FBI sought out the data to begin with. Hacker group AntiSec claims to have 12 million iPhone and iPad UDIDs it obtained during an attack on an FBI...

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DNSchanger standby servers will go dark Monday 7/9

It's pretty unlikely that your computer is among the 277,000 worldwide still affected by the DNSchanger malware (63,000 of them in the US, per the FBI and CIO Daily), but just in case you find yourself mysteriously knocked offline Monday morning, here's why. From 2007 until the law knocked on t...

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Steve Jobs' 1991 FBI file has been released

Have a bit of time? Want to learn more about Steve Jobs' life than you were able to dredge up reading the Walter Isaacson biography? All you have to do is read the 191-page 1991 FBI background investigation of Jobs that was done when he was being considered for an appointment to the President's Ex...

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FBI releases its first iPhone app: Child ID

The FBI has released it first iPhone app called Child ID. As the name suggests, Child ID works as a kind of digital passport for information about your children. With it you can store their photos along with physical identifiers such as height and weight. The app has several intended uses, the ...

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No criminal charges in Pennsylvania MacBook spying probe

The Associated Press is reporting that a federal investigation into the possible misuse of webcams on Apple laptops did not find criminal intent. The investigation was at a suburban Philadelphia school district that used special software that wound up covertly snapping images of students who were...

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Did a Pennsylvania school district use iSight to iSpy?

The FBI and lots of parents want to know if school-issued MacBooks were used to spy on students at a suburban Philadelphia school. Earlier today, a federal judge was asked to stop the school from destroying any records or logs from the 2,300 laptops that were used by high school students that att...

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Khalid Shaikh, prolific app creator and former YouSendIt CEO, busted by FBI

Khalid Shaikh has been indicted by a grand jury for four counts of mail fraud. The FBI says Shaikh was involved in 4 denial of service attacks against the the firm he founded, YouSendIt, which crippled the content delivery company's servers. According to the FBI, Shaikh was one of YouSendIt's fou...

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