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Tag: fda

FDA cracks down on uChek app, working on stricter rules for medical apps

Bloomberg reports that the FDA on May 22 sent a letter to the makers of a biomedical iPhone application named uChek. The app, when accompanied with a separate test strip kit, helps users to perform a self-urinalysis and subsequently monitor a number of health indicators such as protein and glucose...

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FDA drafts Mobile Medical Applications document

There are all manner of medically-based uses for iOS devices (the iPad in particular) if you are a medical professional, so it was just a question of time before patients themselves got in on the act (brace yourself, we get all bureaucratic up ahead). According to the Juvenile Diabetes Research...

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iPods cleared of pacemaker interference charges

In what must surely come as a huge relief to both people with pacemakers and iPods everywhere, the Food and Drug Administration recently released a report confirming that iPods do not, in fact, interfere with the function of pacemakers. According to an article over at Ars Technica, the report was...

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