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Friday Favorite: BetterZip

BetterZip is a utility I might not use every day, but I'm very thankful for it when I need it. It's an archive/compression utility which handles a broad array of archive formats, including ZIP, TAR, GZip, BZip2, and some that you rarely see on a Mac, such as 7-Zip and RAR formats. While the unarchiv...

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Apple rejects iPad app for pinch-to-expand

We've heard all kinds of reasons for rejected apps on the App Store, but this one seems new to us. An iPad app called Web Albums HD has reportedly been rejected from the App Store for including a pinch-to-expand feature in its Picasa albums viewing functionality, as reported on Apple Insider. The d...

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Friday Favorite: Scrivener

Not long after I bought my first personal Mac in late 2004, I stumbled across an article that mentioned Ulysses, a text editor geared toward creative writers -- essentially the marriage between a word processor and project management software. It allows you to have all documents within a writing p...

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WWDC Live: Joe Michels of Software Ops

This is video from a fast-paced chat with Joe Michels of Software Ops, creator of several iPhone apps. His lineup includes several applications for secure storage of information, such as My Eyes Only (iTunes link) and ID Lock (a "lite" version of My Eyes Only). There's also Aerochive on the Mac desk...

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It's all about the music: tunes from Apple's keynote presentations

I hope this post gets filed in the "I knew I wasn't the only one!" mental filing cabinets of many. Because if it doesn't, then it makes me the only one who really looks forward to the music Apple uses in its keynotes. Whether it's a song that leads up to Steve Jobs' entrance on stage, or one used in...

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MySpace blames Apple and QuickTime for hacked accounts

A malicious QuickTime movie made the rounds across MySpace profiles last weekend, altering user profiles and changing links on their pages to redirect to phishing websites crafted to look like MySpace logins. The movie, CNET reports, actually capitalized on a MySpace flaw and QuickTime's legitimate ...

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Apple Store has a new "chat now" feature

That experiment with chat and the education store must have gone well, as the public Apple Store has recently become a little chattier with the seemingly quiet introduction of a new "chat now" feature to its product pages. Interestingly, it appears (at least for me) only on Mac product pages, and o...

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My top X unlikely requests for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

Major new features in the upcoming Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard like Time Machine are great, but I've been thinking about all the other aspects of the Mac OS X experience that could use some spit and polish from Apple's engineers. They've done a fantastic job building a damn impressive OS over the years, b...

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Why wait for Leopard? Share and edit your calendars now with SyncBridge

By now you're probably picking up on a new theme of 'Why Wait for Leopard?' If so, good eye. If not: you really need to read more TUAW. In either case, we've tracked down another Leopard-busting app in the form of SyncBridge, which brings all the features of syncing, sharing and editing iCal calenda...

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The real Leopard show-stopper? Developer goodies that weren't on stage

Reports are surfacing on the web that, while everything Apple showed on stage at WWDC 2006 was exciting and purty 'n all, the more exciting attractions are what wasn't shown on stage. AeroExperience, a Vista developer resource site (of all places), claims to have an exclusive list of many of the und...

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New Parallels Desktop beta enables better USB, performance, integration

Parallels must have been missing their beta days, as they have already announced a new beta version of their Desktop software at WWDC today that brings quite a few much-requests updates. Parallels Desktop, in case you haven't been following the Mac web the last few months, is virtualization softwar...

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The elephant in the room: Apple pulls a Microsoft, delays Leopard past original promise

The first bell that rung in my ear when Steve announced Mac OS X 10.5's ship date of Spring 2007 was: "Apple just pulled a Microsoft". I know, I know: those words might be nails on the chalkboard in your head, but it's true. Leopard was originally promised for Fall 2006, and now it's been bumped bac...

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Shiira v2 beta released

Remember that Shiira v2 beta preview that delusions of grandeur had at the end of July? Well instead of simply reading about it, now you can take your own copy for a spin, as a public, localized beta has been released. Shiira, if you haven't been following the coverage as of late, is an open source...

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Photoshop Automator Actions v3.0 released

Ben Long has released v3.0 of his rocking set of Automator actions for Photoshop, introducing 11 new actions and a slew of new and updated abilities including: Add Layer, Add Empty Adjustment Layer, Duplicate Current Layer Render action allows saving as EPS, or using Save for Web Save for We...

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Brent Simmons blogs Leopard UI predictions

Brent Simmons, developer of the most popular RSS reader on earth, has published some pre-WWDC predictions as to where he sees Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard's UI will evolve. He throws down the gauntlet on brushed metal, delves into customizable toolbars and even touches on what might happen to 'bubbly popup...

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