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Beta Beat: NetNewsWire 3.0 sneak peek

Brent Simmons has released the first public 'sneak peek' (note: it isn't even a beta) of NetNewsWire 3.0, a much-anticipated new version of his immensely popular RSS client which NewsGator acquired in 2005. Brent has made a brief announcement on his blog, reminding everyone that there's still a lo...

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Switching from NetNewsWire to Google Reader

I'm not typically one for the web 2.0 movement. I'm a huge fan of the power and flexibility of Mac OS X, and I usually find most web services no match for their desktop counterparts with maybe a few syncing services thrown in to even the odds (.Mac, Google Browser Sync, etc.). This all changed, how...

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NNW booted from my Dock, long live endo!

Scott posted on endo yesterday, and today I am happy to report that NNW has gone to that giant "poof" in the ex-Dock sky. Sure, endo has some minor "it's a 1.0 release" quirks, but this is the newsreader I've been waiting for. After putting it through its paces last night I was h...

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NewsMac Pro 1.2.3 is awesome, NNW beware

As you might remember, NewsMac Pro 1.2 brought some nice enhancements when it landed last November. Even though this latest version is just a .0.3 update, I think this app is finally maturing into a serious reader, and I also hope the NetNewsWire people are paying attention to what Rory Prior is do...

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BlogBridge, a second look

BlogBridge might still be a little too rough around the edges to de-throne NetNewsWIre - the web's most popular newsreader on either Windows or OS X - but it has a rocking feature set that I think the folks at Ranchero/Newsgator had better start paying attention to. C.K. took a look at a 1.0 release...

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Dear Safari RSS Team

D'Arcy Norman, whose blog is one of my regular reads, has written an open letter to the Safari RSS team, pointing out some key spots where he'd like to see some improvements in Safari RSS. Since I like most of his points, I thought I'd point to them to help make them a bit more visible. Amo...

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