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The pre-history of Manhattan's Fifth Avenue Apple Store cube

When it comes to Apple's retail stores, probably the most iconic is the one in the plaza of the GM Building on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The store's signature architectural feature -- a 32-foot glass cube emblazoned with a glowing Apple logo -- is immediately recognizable . NY Magazine's Vick...

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Fifth Avenue Apple Store experiences a water leak

The Apple Store on New York's Fifth Avenue is a veritable marvel of engineering, with its glass cube leading down into an underground space. But putting the store underground like that makes it more vulnerable to water leaks, and sure enough, that's what's happened earlier today in New York. The...

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Daily Update for Sept. 1, 2011

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes, which is perfect for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inli...

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Fifth Avenue Apple cube being revamped, here it is

Apple announced plans a little while ago to revamp the glass cube that sits on top of New York's iconic Fifth Avenue Apple Store, and Gothamist has the first pictures of the new design, as seen above. As you can tell, it's simpler and cleaner, representing a smooth and sleek entrance that's eve...

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Apple to add seamless glass to 5th Ave Apple Store

New York City's 5th Avenue Apple Store has become a tourist destination in its own right. Apple recently launched a major renovation project on its iconic glass cube, and now the purpose has been revealed. Apple will rebuild the structure with seamless panes of glass. MacRumors has posted in ...

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Heatmap shows Fifth Avenue Apple Store is hot place for photos

The image above is a heatmap of photo locations on popular pic sharing site Flickr, put together by developer Eric Fischer. Each dot on the map indicates where a photo was taken in New York's Manhattan borough, with each circled area representing a hot spot of location photography. As ifoAppleS...

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Apple's rumored store plans for Grand Central not happening?

The New York dream of shopping for an iPad 2 on the commute to work appears to have come to an end, according to a report by The New York Observer. An anonymous source within New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) says Apple ended plans to open a 16,000 square foot high-profile store i...

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Found footage: the first guy in the iPad line at 5th Avenue Apple Store

It's not surprising at all that someone has already been sitting in front of the iconic 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York City. This video was posted this morning (April 1, 2010) and from the discussion with the person who is sitting there, he was in line yesterday. He kind of looks lonely, ...

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The saga of the Apple stair comes to a $9950 end

Ten days ago we reported that eBay seller heylookitskibbe was auctioning a stair from the staircase from the Fifth Avenue Apple retail store in New York. Shortly after our report, the stuff hit the fan. Heylookitskibbe turned out to be former Apple employee, Mark Burstiner. The stair, made by ...

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Glass stair from Apple Fifth Ave spiral staircase on eBay

The seller says the stair is a "collectible" and could be used as a coffee table if you get some cinder blocks. He also states that "I know for a fact that only three of them exist outside of the retail stores' circulation, and this is one of them." According to the seller the stair originally cost ...

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London Apple Store opens big

Adding more than 9500 square feet to its original layout, London's Regent Square Apple Store reopened today as the largest Apple Store on Earth. By extending back into what had been storage areas, the store was able to expand itself and win the new world title. The New York City 5th Avenue Apple Sto...

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Apple Store redesign in the works

Apple is planning a redesign for their retail stores, modeled after the Fifth Avenue store in New York, to allow for displaying twice as many Macs and iPods, as well as 15% more 3rd party Mac software and iPod accessories. VP of retail, Ron Johnson, released a few of these details to Bloomberg, incl...

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Apple Store 5th Ave. treats 1 millionth visitor

Her new name is "Mrs. Right Place, Right Time." When shopper Elizabeth Rodriguez walked into New York's flagship Apple Store this past Saturday, she was showered with a MacBook, iPod, iPod Hi-Fi, and an Apple ProCare membership, all for being visitor # 1,000,000. The amazing thing is that the store ...

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Take a (virtual) tour of the 5th Ave Apple Store

If you're like me (and heavens help you if you are), you long to visit the huge Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York City, but that pesky "geography" keeps getting in the way. I know it's not the same, but Apple has offered a small consolation in these great Quicktime VR tours. You can check out si...

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She said yes!

Remember the dude that proposed via Apple's time lapse video outside the new Fifth Avenue Apple Store? received an email from his fiancé, Uschi Lang. That's right, she said yes! James, that's the name of the man in the photo, had been meaning to drop the big question for months bef...

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