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The All-ER lineup: Clooney and Wyle look to (re)-tackle Steve Jobs film role

No cited sources for this tidbit -- not even the usual "a person close to the production" -- but the UK's Now magazine sparked a rumor wildfire this week when it suggested that two veterans of NBC's ER are both interested in playing Steve Jobs for the upcoming film version of Walter Isaacson's bio...

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The Criterion Collection comes to iTunes

With virtually no fanfare -- or even a press release -- The Criterion Collection has made 46 of its 680 films available on iTunes. Among the films released are art house classics any lovers of cinema will recognize, including The Seventh Seal by Ingmar Bergman, Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa, ...

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Aaron Sorkin reportedly considered to write Jobs biopic

You had to see this one coming a mile away after hearing that Sony Pictures obtained the rights to a film version of Steve Jobs's biography. The LA Times reports that Aaron Sorkin, the writer behind the Mark Zuckerberg biopic The Social Network, is reportedly in consideration to write a screenplay...

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Sony Pictures acquires rights to Steve Jobs biopic

Sony Pictures has successfully bid for the rights to turn Walter Isaacson's authorized biography of Steve Jobs into a motion picture. Deadline reports the deal is worth between one to three million dollars and headed by producer Mark Gordon. Deadline suspects bidding had already been taking place ...

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Daily Mac App: Final Draft

Final Draft 8, the industry-standard scriptwriting software, has finally come to the Mac App Store. Even for those of you who have never written a movie script, you've seen the fruits of labor of the app used by those writers. Before Christian Bale utters a menacing threat to a criminal in a Ba...

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LOVEFiLM comes to iPad

It's rare that an iOS movie-streaming app receives little notice, but earlier this week, Amazon released the LOVEFiLM Player for iPad without fanfare. LOVEFiLM is the UK equivalent of Netflix, which allows users to rent DVDs and Blu-ray discs by post or stream them online. In January of this ye...

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Oldboy director Chan-wook Park shoots new movie on iPhone 4

Last year, I caught a top 10 list somewhere that listed the top movies ever with twist endings. All but one of them I'd already seen, that one being the critically acclaimed Korean film Oldboy, directed by Chan-wook Park. Seeing as it was available for streaming on Netflix, I pulled it up that night...

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"Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" uses Macs to solve mysteries

If you happen to have gotten caught up in the phenomenon known as the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, then you know that the computer of choice for these world-class computer genius hackers is made by Apple. I screened the film version of the story, and MacBook Pros are visible throughout as the the t...

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Final Cut dominant among Oscar documentary nominees

Steve Jobs and the iPad both appeared on TV during last night's Academy Awards, but they weren't the extent of Apple's presence. Cnet reports this morning that the majority of the "Documentary Feature" and "Documentary Short" nominees -- 9 out of 10 in fact -- were made using Final Cut Studio, Ap...

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Is the Leonard Maltin Movie Guide app ready for its closeup?

Long before people went to the Internet for film information, movie buffs annually bought the latest revisions of huge paperback books like The Leonard Maltin Movie Guide and Videohound's Golden Movie Retriever. These were, and are, massive reference books; the current version of Maltin comes in at ...

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Insomnia Film Festival postponed due to server problems

A few weeks ago, we told you about this year's Insomnia Film Festival -- a contest for high school and college students to create a 3-minute film in only 24 hours. However, eager contestants were greeted with some unfortunate news yesterday when they loaded the Apple Insomnia website. Apple notes th...

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TUAW On Scene: from the premiere of Welcome to Macintosh

Here's to the crazy ones. TUAW reader Tony Walla got to attend the Wisconsin premiere of the new Mac-doc film that's sure to be a crowd pleaser (depending on the crowd), and he sent us this report. On April 6th, the documentary "Welcome to Macintosh" premiered at the Wisconsin Film Festival in Madis...

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Welcome to Macintosh documentary to premiere on 4/6

The new documentary Welcome to Macintosh has just been been accepted to the Wisconsin Film Festival, and is scheduled to make its debut on April 6. The film features interviews with a variety of Mac-notables like Andy Hertzfeld, Guy Kawasaki and others, and traces the history of the development of ...

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IFC films now available in iTunes Store

IFC Entertainment has just announced the immediate availability of select independent films in the iTunes Store, including IFC's 2007 Independent Spirit Award (think Oscars for indies) nominees. All thirteen films, six of which are nominees for the award ceremony this weekend, are available for purc...

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Support doc: MacBook may run warm because rear vent is blocked

First Engadget reported it, and now there's an official Apple Support document explaining the issue: some MacBooks (and Pros) are apparently making it out of the factory with a thin piece of clear plastic blocking covering the rear vent. The article states the obvious: that this plastic is used to ...

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