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Wheelio is a brilliant, must-have companion to Instagram

Most people mentally tie photo filters to Instagram. It's not what invented them, but it's what popularized them because every photo someone posts gets to have a unique touch. After a while though, the same filters eventually become stale. If that unique touch is what you yearn for in your photos,...

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Removing filters applied to photos in the iOS 7 camera app

You know the scenario -- you try to take a creative photo by applying a filter and then hate how it turns out. You decide to snap another shot, but the moment is gone, and you are left with an ugly photo of a beautiful scene. If you used iOS 7 to snap your photo, then you are fortunate as you may ...

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iPad's App Store gets search filters

According to MacStories, the iPad's App Store app just gained a very useful new feature: search filters. There are now five different filters you can assign to app searches: Category, Release Date, Customer Rating, Price and Device. Popovers allow users to adjust or clear filters. This added search...

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MobileMe silently filtering email to spamcop.net

According to Mac OS X Hints, if you're trying to send an email to someone with a spamcop.net email address with your MobileMe account, chances are the message will never arrive, and you won't be notified. What's worse, apparently if you're sending the message to a distribution list, and only one of ...

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ChatFX - video effects within iChat

ChatFX can bring some fun to your iChat video conferences by adding quirky video effects; basically it's like Apple's Photo Booth for iChat. Using the power of Quartz Composer (built into Mac OS X 10.4), ChatFX can apply eight different effects to your video conference in real time, including a gree...

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ChocoFlop - powerful image editing

Even as an alpha image editor, I think it's safe to dub ChocoFlop a true "poor man's Photoshop." It offers layers, real-time preview of filters and effects (of which there are many), a slew of selection tools, blending modes, masks, color adjusting and a whole bunch of file formats it can...

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Image Tricks 2.0

I'm beginning to think that today is some kind of image editing holiday, as Image Tricks, the freeware image editor that leverages Mac OS X Tiger's Core Image features, has been updated to version 2. New features include 'generators' - the ability to "randomly and manually generate images with ...

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